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Give Your Home the Makeover It Deserves

Everyone loves that magical place where you can sing off-key, eat cereal in your underwear, and be yourself. Hopefully, that sentence made you picture your home. If not, it’s time to make some home improvements! If you imagined another place where you can do all those things, please share that mystical safe haven’s location. Read more about Home Makeover below.

This past year, many of us spent more time inside our homes than ever. This increased time spent at home may have led you to some not-so-pleasant revelations about your sanctuary—for instance, the discovery of that weird purple stain in the living room.

Your home deserves a makeover.

Perhaps you’ve noticed no amount of foaming shower cleanser is even making a dent in that shower crevice buildup. No judgment here; we’re all busy, and often, the things we see the most become blended into the background of our lives, hence the saying “hidden in plain sight.” Many of us have undergone drastic changes since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Some of us became pros in the kitchen, while others discovered a hidden talent like painting. Your home has supported you throughout all of life’s developments. It’s time to show it some love in return!

Take it to the Floor.

No, not the dance floor. Your home flooring might require some TLC, or maybe you’ve switched up the decor, and the floor doesn’t quite fit the vibe. Carpet replacement and installation used to be an ordeal, but Plum has changed the game. You can browse carpet design options, get a price quote, and schedule an installation date, all from the comfort of your own home. Investing in a new carpet with another company may be a complicated process. This complexity can stem from the need to move large furniture items or tear up old carpeting. Thankfully, Plum has got you covered by offering each of these services with your carpet installation.

The process is simple. You’ll choose your carpet and installation date, remove all small items from the rooms, and let their technicians handle the rest. Plum carpet specialists will remove your old carpet, take out your furniture, install the new rug, and then move your furniture back in. Essentially, replacing your flooring has never been easier. Suppose you’re more of a hardwood flooring type but have concerns about durability due to pet nails, kids, or just general upkeep. In that case, Plum offers luxury vinyl flooring that is designed to mimic wood patterns.

Address the Throneroom.

Your bathroom may become somewhat of an afterthought when you’re looking into home renovations. This is likely because you don’t spend much time in the bathroom unless you absolutely have to. However, statistically speaking, women spend an average of two years and forty days in the bathroom while men spend an average of two years and one hundred twenty-five days in the bathroom in their lifetimes. Two years is a lot of time to spend in a room that you don’t love! Those who indulge in self-care likely spend even more time in their bathrooms due to luxurious bubble baths, face masks, or exfoliating scrubs.

A revitalized shower space or a Kohler Luxstone bath may be able to achieve calming minimalism or the sense of balance you crave in a relaxing space. Some remodeling companies specialize in shower design and bathtub renovation, like Kohler by Legacy Remodeling. You may want a small change like showerhead replacement or a more extensive project like installing luxstone shower walls. There are several innovative products to choose from when it comes to your bathroom.

Home smart industries are consistently looking for new ways to provide people with their dream homes. These constant shifts mean that you can dream big and let industry specialists like Kohler and Plum take care of the rest. Inspiration takes many forms, so let your specific tastes guide you to the home renovations that best suit your needs. Allowing your home renovations to reflect your personality is an excellent way to ensure you appreciate your surroundings.

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