Glass containers are safe and easy to store


Canning at home can be the most successful thing you can do to help your family stay confident and ready. Unfortunately, due to the difficulties and risks associated with traditional methods of storing and transporting traditional canned goods, many people are reluctant to start a canning program at home.

If you see glassware in the basement or garage of your parents or grandparents, you are not alone. For generations, people have stored canned food in cardboard boxes, or placed containers on top of each other in a dusty corner of a forgotten room on a shelf. These unsafe methods prevented containers from being broken or contaminated by rats or insects, but these were the only methods known to humans.

Finally, someone came up with a real solution.

Designed to store and preserve glass cans by an experienced home canning enthusiast, JarBOX eliminates the worst problems associated with canning. Storage and transportation require care and difficulty.

JarBOX 12 maintains regular or wide-mouthed canned food. He puts each container in its place and uses it to put newspapers or old shirts between the containers. Almost all the interior space is occupied by containers, making it almost inaccessible to insects or rats.

Unlike ordinary cardboard boxes, small glass concentrate jars cannot be damaged or damaged in wet conditions. It can be stored for many years in real cellars, cellars or other wet places. Also, when the container is stored, if the container leaks, JarBOX will stop spitting and keep it in order. The semi-transparent plastic container in the jar box makes it easy to identify the box after opening the box.

Processed, specially formulated with BPA-free polypropylene and HDPE, it is a patented invention that is robust and environmentally friendly. It consists of two equal parts. Each 20 “x 14 3/4” x 3 3/4 “half can be used separately for storage and transportation.

Easy to find JarBOXes are designed to cover each other safely and securely. Once assembled, it is very difficult to separate them. These areas have special crescent and perforation features that allow you to use a postal connection, parachute or bungee for extra stability and security during transport.

The JarBOX dishwasher is safe and strong until last season. Weighing boards move easily and close after opening 200 or more times.

When not in use, half of the JarBOX can be stacked to save space or transport.

JarBOX is the perfect container storage solution for in-house canning enthusiasts, RVers, those interested in self-sufficiency or survival, or anyone who wants to store and transport glass containers.

There are many uses for glassware; Instead of being dumped in a garbage can, they can be recycled or put away. They can be used for professional purposes as well as storage.


Great for storing everything from recycled or recycled glass containers to small items like food. If you have leftover rice or some liquid, it can be used in later meals, making it a great option to store.

Another great way to use them is to use them with things like sand art.

Decorating with these glassware will make a piece of jewelry to give to your home or as a gift. Personalized gifts are always popular.

Another great way to make good use of glassware is to make some jelly or jam and put it there. This is another holiday gift idea, because you can give great gifts for profit. You can make sniffing utensils at home. When used for potpourri, keep the lid on the pot until it is fresh to use. Decorate the container with any pattern, add decorative tape and ribbon for accents.

It’s all our fault. From these boxes, you can make tea lamps. Use sand art to design, then place a sounding citronella candle. Spread these candles outside, even if you enjoy them outside, they are not only light and beautiful, but can prevent you from making big mistakes.

For people with tools or workspaces, it would be a good idea to store tools such as screws, nails and washers. To make more space for the workspace, screw the container doors on board with a protective surface so you can remove the container when you need everything you have. This is also true for things like grass.

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