10 Common Glitches that Can Make Your Laptop Non-functional

Nowadays, laptops have become one of the essential gadgets in everyone’s lives. Read more about “Glitches Make Laptop Non-functional”


Nowadays, laptops have become one of the essential gadgets in everyone’s lives. Not only is it easy to carry anywhere, but also it is easy to use.

As technology is developing, so are the people’s needs, and they are looking beyond desktop and computers. Just a single click will do your work. You can take your work anywhere, can play amazing games, etc. 

Can you imagine your life without a laptop? Though it has a lot of benefits, still some flaws are also there. It is instrumental in college, offices, and even for business purposes. Below are some common faults that will stop your laptop from working. 

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Type of Laptop Faults that are reported

Even though you put your laptop gently, you will face some common problems that will cause your laptop not to work. Below are some points about different issues you are going to face and also their solution.

This will help you to figure out what happened to your laptop. You can also contact any MacBook repair Lucknow service centre in case the problem is critical. Read below Glitches that Make Laptop Non-functional.


Malfunction can be one of the common reasons why your laptop is not working. It will lead to a default in your laptop’s performance. It can even lead to system crashes and freezing. Though every computer generates heat, the laptop gets overheated due to the small size and lack of ventilation. 

The laptop gets overheated because of excessive dust, which blocks the air ventilation and stops your system from cooling off the CPU.

You can update your BIOS; if you see your laptop is not working, it controls the laptop’s hardware. To solve this problem, you need to clean the air vents. You can also put filtered materials over the vents, and updating BIOS can also solve this problem. 

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Slow Hard Drive

Disordered information on the hard drive can erode the performance of the laptop. The computer needs a little more time to filter bad sectors, along with data fragments.

These technical glitches have easy solutions. You have to use the built-in Windows tool; it is usually called disk defragmenter. To access this, you have to go to the accessories and system tool folder and select the program menu. Then, you have to click the analyzed button, and to begin; you have to click the defragment button. 

Battery is Dying

Though it is wireless, you will see that the battery is dying. Due to regular use, as it is built with lithium-ion batteries, it will lose the ability to hold a charge subsequently.

This is one of the common problems you will face. If this happens, you need to change your battery as quickly as possible. Often you will see the battery lasts for a few fractions. You are also advised not to run your laptop plugin. It will damage the laptop more. Thus, battery replacement is the only solution. 

Bad Keyboard 

Due to continuous use, the keyboard gets terrible. It is either because of typing or spilling coffee; the keys get worn out. It is advised to remove the keycaps and adequately clean them beneath the keys.

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Some laptop makers even provide a quick online replacement. You need to inform the problem on their page by merely writing ‘keyboard replacement.’ Or, you can seek help from laptop repair in Lucknow. Thus, the only way to help your laptop is by replacing the keyboard.   

Blank Screen

Often you will see that even after turning your laptop On, the screen is black. You can solve this problem by following a few steps:

  1. You have to unplug the power.
  2. Carefully, without any damages, remove the battery. And that hold the Power button for at least 40 to 60 seconds.
  3. Attach the power cord again and reboot it.
  4. Rearrange all the things, but the battery in position, shut it down and reboot it. 

System Crash 

You don’t need to panic when the system crashes. To solve this problem, you need to remove your hard drive from the instructions given and keep it in a USB enclosure. USB enclosure is an external housing for internal hardware.

You have to connect the enclosure USB with the open USB port on a working laptop. Do you work on the file system regularly? Then, it can show up as an external drive. Why? Because it will allow you to transfer the data. 


This can be one of the primary reasons your laptop is not working. Nothing can harm your laptop more than malware or viruses. The online way to prevent this is by installing antivirus software.

You can also use some free tools like ‘ad aware’ if you don’t want to spend that much money on antivirus. If this tool fails, then you can try another program that can identify viruses and eliminate them. 

Install Outdated Video Driver 

Users mainly complain about video issues. You need to look for the latest video card driver. Even though you will see some laptops already have updated video drivers still by the time the machine is sold, the software becomes outdated.

That’s why it is essential to update video drivers. When you see that the videos are getting distorted, it means that you need to update them. Some manufacturers even offer installation packages that will help you out. 

No Internet 

For losing the connection, you won’t be able to connect to the internet. But, before you face such inconvenience, you should follow the steps. On some laptops, you will see a wireless button, and on some, you will find a switch to activate the connection. Make sure it is on, unplug the router, and then reboot it. 

Wait for 20-30 mins so that the power juice drains out. Still, if you face problems, go to the control panel and fix your network connection. To make sure that every wire is connected correctly, verify repeatedly so that you can rebuild the connection.

Weird Noises while Running

In some laptops, you will see that when you turn on the device fan’s wheel, it makes some noises. Even when it is running, you will hear an annoying sound.

First, you need to check the cooling fan. If still, the sound is coming because of the hard drive. You have to change the hard drive, but before you do that, make sure you have backed-up all your essential information. 


All the primary faults that you can face while using laptops are given. The detailed information will help you find the best solution. There is no need to panic; if you see your computer is not working, follow the instructions.

Now, if you accidentally drop your laptop, or the screen needs replacement, then you need professional experts like Laptop repair in Lucknow. Hope you love reading “Glitches Make Laptop Non-functional”

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