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Goa Visiting Places: What to Do in Goa? A Short Travel Guide

For all the right reasons, Arambol is among the most beautiful resorts in Goa. We suggest you read “Goa Visiting Places” for more fun.


Goa is all that, and much more! Beachside happiness, trance parties, sizzling nightlife, and gourmet trials! Goa is a kaleidoscopic location that brings together colours, frivolity, history, heritage, and even an immense amount of spirituality.

The buzzer celebrates the notion that there is no other destination in India for a carefree life. At the same time, it delights you to dive into Indian history in the splendour of Portuguese colonial heritage. That’s Goa’s exotic elegance! Resorts in Goa.


This sandy party destination is a spectacular package with several popular and unknown attractions. How about monitoring some of the most attractive Goa’s jewels, that are certainly worth visiting?? You’re interested? Fasten your seatbelts, and you’ll go here!

When you are close to the beautiful beaches of Goa, anything else will take a back seat. Here is a collection of the most amazing golden sand treasure jewels in the country.

15 Best Resorts in Goa

Baga, Resorts in Goa

Baga, the best-known and eventful beach of Goa, is undoubtedly known for its vibrant beach parties, thrilling nightlife and delicious seafood. It’s great for enjoying water sports and sunbathing throughout the day, while dancing in the night, surrounded by a vibrant crowd.


Calangute, Goa

Calangute’s drawcard called the Queen of Beaches at Goa, is his brilliant golden sand and the whimsical wave rise and fall. The beach is a treat for travellers with its sun lounges, cool restaurants, clubs and shacks.

Candolim, Goa

Candolim is a venue for relaxation and rejuvenation during your beach holiday with picturesque beauty and a calm atmosphere. One of the main attractions of this beach is the scrub-covered dunes.

Sinquerim, Goa

The captivating Sinquerim beach, endowed with swinging palm trees, is the perfect place to spend a few moments alone or in the mad pack. The beach has spectacular views of the historic Aguada fort.

Vagator, Goa

Though still steep in Ravian tradition, Vagator exudes a soothing sensation. Big Vagator and Tiny Vagator beaches are divided into two and are renowned for their dramatic red fallows.


Anjuna, Goa

Anjuna is a beach with odd formations of rocks and towering palms. It is 30 kilometres long. Happening nightclubs and Saturday night bases are some of the most popular nightclubs in Goa.

Palolem, Goa

The Palolem beach, which looks like a beautiful crescent, offers spectacular views and white sand and is considered the best beach on Goa. You can also practice some shopping therapy from the Tibetan shops on the beach, apart from indulgence in water sports and sampling authentic Goan dishes.

Arambol, Goa

For all the right reasons, Arambol is among the most beautiful resorts in Goa to visit. The popularity of the resort is increased by the Bohemian atmosphere and by a variety of budget accommodations.

Agonda, Goa

An untouched beach in the south, Agonda is a secret gem and surely one of Goa’s least crowded beaches. The beach is less crowded and is suitable to swim, sunbathe or relax.

Morjim, Goa

Despite their natural beauty, Morjim Beach is mostly popular among the sea turtles seen here in numerous places as an olive ridley nesting site. It is also an excellent location to see different bird species.

Butterfly, Goa

Butterfly Beach is one of Goa’s most scenic, but unused beaches, and is a secluded wonder. Several butterfly species can be found on this beach. Only boats can reach the beach since there are no roads to the beach.

Colva, Goa

Colva is a serene beach, surrounded by coconut trees and has a special charm. The picturesque beach beauty is further helped by colourful fishing boats bobbing on the water.

Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa

The Bom Jesus Basilica, founded in the 16th century, is one of the region’s oldest and most prominent churches. The building is a fabulous example of baroque architecture, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The church is renowned for the St. Francis Xavier’s mummy.


Sé Catedral de Santa Catarina, Goa

Se Cathedral is a splendid structure, and one of Goa’s largest churches. The largest bell in Goa, the Golden Bell, is in this 250-feet-high church.

St. Francis of Assisi’s Monastery, Goa

The Church of Saint Francis of Assisi has a rare mix of Baroque, Corinthian, and Tuscan styles, attractive and decorated interior. The church’s graven woodwork contributes to its charm in general. Hope you love reading “Goa Visiting Places.”

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