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Best Granite Countertops Alternatives: What are Your Options?

Granite countertops are a vital part of any home – particularly within the room. Read about some popular Granite Countertops Alternatives.


Granite countertops are a vital part of any home – particularly within the room. Your countertops are possible to be attentive of the area they’re in. Whereas granite is a perfect granite countertop near me material, there are several smart alternatives to settle on from.

One thing to stay in mind once choosing your tabletop is that you just ought to get one thing you’ll fancy not solely now, except for a few years to return.

Whereas budgets will continually play a task in what materials you choose for your home reworking project, you ought to not let price be the sole determinant issue once you purchase new countertops.

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What are the most effective Alternatives to Granite Countertops?

The following choices aren’t solely nice alternatives to granite countertops, however a number of the most effective tabletop choices generally.

Marble Countertops:

Marble countertops are beloved among owners. The classic associated unaltered look of marble countertops produce a tantalizing setting within the home. Marble can give you numerous colors and designs, several of that feature elegant veining. The countertops generally price between $40 to $100 per sq. ft.

Quartz Countertops:

 Quartz is an associate built stone that’s created by combining roughly ninety p.c quartz with around ten p.c Polynesian. Though these surfaces aren’t natural stone, they’re a number of the foremost lovely that you just will realize on the market.

As a result of quartz is built, customization is obtainable. Additionally, to their beauty, quartz countertops are sturdy and straightforward to worry about. These edges all create the fabric one among the most effective selections for any silver granite countertops.

Quartzite Countertops:

Not to be confused with the equally named quartz, the stone is a sublime natural stone material that’s a good alternative for countertops. Many sorts of this natural stone look so the same as marble that they get confused for the opposite stone.

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If you’re trying to find a natural stone that may offer you the design of marble with the sturdiness and strength of Granite Countertops, stone countertops will be simply what you’re trying to find. Stone is additionally proof against heat and stains.

Slate Countertops:

Slate countertops are a good choice for contemporary room styles. These beautiful darker colored surfaces are quite the fashionable addition to the house. Slate countertops are sturdy, which may be a profit.

While it’s a good choice for countertops, the slate will have some drawbacks. If you wish for lighter colored granite countertops in Virginia, slate won’t be a perfect choice for you. The surfaces are solely obtainable in tones of black and grey.

Soapstone Countertops:

If you’re trying to find a tabletop that’s swish to the bit, soap-rock countertops are the proper alternative for you. These surfaces are ideal if you’re trying to find a fabric that’s on the darker facet in terms of color. You’ll be able to realize soap-rock countertops during a variety of dark greens and grays.

Limestone Countertops:

Limestone countertops can provide any home a sense of sunshine and life. These surfaces are familiar for his or her delicate beauty.

Although they’re lovely, you’ll take care of stone countertops. The fabric is extremely porous, which makes it not the best alternative for a high traffic space.

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Travertine Countertops:

 Travertine may be a natural stone that’s terribly the same as stone. This is often thanks to the fact that it really may be a variety of stones, though the 2 names shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Travertine options some distinct variations from stone.

Gemstone Countertops:

Looking for one exotic thing? If you’re, contemplate gem countertops. These surfaces will simply become the attentiveness of any area you put in them. On the far side of their beauty, gem countertops are sturdy.

Glass Countertops:

If you prefer a lot of a contemporary look, you ought to contemplate glass countertops. These surfaces can provide your room or different rooms a pretty and up-to-date look. Glass countertops are sturdy, stain-resistant, and straightforward to scrub.

Onyx Countertops:

Onyx countertops are a wonderful alternative if you’re trying to find a surface that’s one-of-a-kind. The fabric is understood for its beautiful beauty. One distinctive feature that you just can receive with chalcedony countertops is that the ability to backlight the surfaces.

Backlighting can enable you to more emphasize the sweetness of the stone. Chalcedony may be a welcome boost to the house as a mitered edge granite and may conjointly look nice as a bar high or backsplash.

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What are other Alternatives to Granite?

While stone countertops (both natural and engineered) are the most effective alternatives to Granite Countertops, they’re not the sole alternatives you’ve got. Below may be a list of different material choices you’ve got, still because of the execs and cons of every.

Stainless Steel Countertops:

Stainless steel isn’t solely appropriate for appliances. Several fashionable kitchens feature chrome steel countertops. If you prefer the fashionable look, it’s an associate choice you’ll be able to contemplate.

Butcher Block Countertops:

Butcher block is another common material for countertops. In contrast to chrome steel, these surfaces are familiar to present off a ‘warm’ look. Slab countertops are proof against the bacterium.

Wood Countertops:

Butcher block countertops are made up of wood, which implies that wood countertops are similar in that they supply a ‘warm’ look. The surfaces are quiet to figure on.

As with slab, wood countertops need frequent maintenance. You’ll have to be compelled to oil the surfaces 2 to 3 time’s p.a.

Tile Countertops:

While tile backsplashes are a lot common, you’ll be able to have tile silver granite countertops. One among the first edges of tile countertops is the big variety of tiles obtainable and therefore the DIY ability installation affords you.

Concrete Countertops:

Just as tile isn’t just for backsplashes, concrete isn’t just for sidewalks. If you wish to associate outside-the-box fashionable silver marble and granite, concrete will offer you simply that.

Solid Surface Countertops:

Brands like Corian are solid surface countertops. The surfaces are familiar for being sturdy and swish to the bit.

Laminate Countertops:

Lastly, laminate granite slabs are another common countertop choice on the market. The surfaces are standard thanks to their low price.


Through reviewing this guide, you’ll be able to see what different choices exist outside of granite countertops. Whereas a number of these choices are listed among the ‘best’ alternatives, it’ll ultimately be up to you to determine that material is that the right suitable to complete your transform.

This guide also will assist you to confine in mind several key factors of the varied silver marble materials. So, which may facilitate creating your call easier.

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