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Graphic Design is My Passion – Convert Passion into Money

Graphic Design is My Passion – Find different stages of passion for Graphic Designing & read about prefects methods to earn money from your passion for it.


Introduction to Graphic Design is My Passion
Different Stages of Passion for Graphic Designing
Perfect methods to Earn Money as a Graphic Designer
More Information about Graphic Designing
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Introduction to Graphic Design is My Passion

Graphic design is a process where Designers solve different problems or communicate with the use of Images, Typing, and more. Read complete details about graphic designing on 99 Design.

Passion for Graphic Designing is different because if someone is too involved with the subject, it becomes their passion. Sometimes people are naturally creative and they can understand or learn fast about it. But most of the time they just want to use this wide field to earn money or looking for jobs.

“Graphic Design is My Passion” is a commonly used term on the internet where individual designer and companies show their work. It clearly describes your talent and shows to the world how much you are involved in it.

When you are passionate about something, it’s natural for you to learn about it and spend a lot of time on it. You may spend a lot of time creating something new for others. Explore different sites where you can show your work. On the start of passion, you may just want other people to love your work & follow you with awesome comments.

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Unlike many other posts available on the same topic, we are tiring to help everyone realize how much it’s best for you to be passionate about Graphic Designing. Creating something free for everyone is only for those who are settled already. Some people just make Graphic Designing their passion because they want to earn money. Our articles explain some popular ways which can become your full-time income source.

You may find thousands of high-quality amazing images for free on many sites. These are created by different Graphic Designers who love designing and show their work to people for free. A popular site is Pixabay where millions of people are using images for their sites & thousands of images are already uploaded free for all.

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Different Stages of Passion for Graphic Designing

It’s not easy for everyone to become passionate about Graphic Designing. everything started slowing with time and it can take a lot of time after someone may realize Graphic Design becomes their passion already.

Stage 1

The first stage is about discovery and when you start showing your interest in Graphic Designing. You can understand it with some examples given below.

1- Someone may start to think about earning money online. Blogging or Affiliate marketing is always best option but Graphics Designing is also popular too. Its time when someone may discover their passion for Graphic Designing and start to think about learning and understanding it.

2- You may find someone creating good graphics online and sharing with others. Suddenly it comes to your mind that you can do it better. If you have some natural abilities or gifts about it, you may consider it very easy. Finding mistakes in creation of others can increase your interest in this topic. Its 1st stage where you discover “Graphic Design is My Passion”

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Watch this video and it may help you.

Stage 2

Now its time when you decide about learning and finding more about the topic. The best way to look for it is to watch YouTube Videos because its the only platform which can teach you everything for free.

You may contact some other designer and ask for help where to start and more. But its stage when you start struggling and you may realize that its time to take your passion to the next level.

It’s a very important stage because someone people may give up because of some reason. If you make Graphic Designing your passion for earning money, you may find some other source and forget about this one.

You don’t have any natural abilities to learn it fast or no unique skills of creations. Its most difficult stage because discovering your passion is simple but taking it to the next level is really hard for most people.

Stage 3

The final stage where you finally decide about what is your plan. How you can convert your passion for money or becoming famous. Its time when you already learn everything that you need to know and also decided what you are gonna do about it.

“Graphic Design is My Passion” can make a lot of money for you. All you have to do it work your way around. It’s not like your passion is only words from you. If passion for Graphic Designing is real, you may be able to create a lot of unique content that can impress everyone and also help you.

We suggest you visit this article which can really help every Graphic Designer to begin their career.

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Perfect methods to Earn Money as a Graphic Designer

1st Method – Build Your Profile

One easy method with too many benefits is building profiles on different sites. The process is simple where you create accounts on sites like WeHeartIt, Pinterest, Art Station, Deviant Art, Instagram, and some others and start adding amazing unique Pictures to your profile.

Remember, these are huge platforms with millions of active users every day. Soon people will start noticing your work and follow you. Your followers list will grow very fast of you continue to update with new unique art, connect with other people and also answer to everyone.

Your main target should be to increase your followers and take it to over 1 million at the start of a few months. Its a long process but when you build your profile and unique followers, you cant imagine benefits. Millions of free pictures are already available and you can just edit them with your creativity, make them perfect.

Some simple methods to get benefits are providing traffic to other sites, selling amazon products, and promoting other people. Even you can get thousands of dollars to share some videos for a fixed time on your profile. It’s all about creativity and Your passion for Graphic Designing.

2nd Method – Freelancing

Many sites like Upwork, Freelancer & Fiverr are created to provide work to those who get good skills. You can create your profile on these sites and start with cheap services. Create unique logos, design sites, or some other graphic designing related works.

Trust me, you can make thousands of dollars every month by completing simple tasks. I believe you can make over a million dollars in just 1 year if you act on what you say, “Graphic Design is My Passion”. Sometime you may get projects which take a lot of time. You can get paid for every hour and you can also do it part-time.

It’s very difficult to start because lot of competition and thousands of designers are already there. Unlike building your profile, Here you need to complete the task and get a positive review to make the profile look amazing. You will get too much work once you are famous and successfully able to create lot of jobs there.

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3rd Method – Real Job

A real job as a Graphic Designer is really hard to get these days. But you should know that if you are good at your work and you can easily provide different companies with samples of your creation, its easy. There are some methods which you can follow to get real jobs.

Create a Linkedin profile and start looking for different people who are related to graphic designing jobs or companies. You can send them your sample work and ask for a job. There are millions of people there actively looking for jobs or proving jobs.

Thousand of company owners, managers, and workers are already there. I am sure if you contact 1000 people for a job, at least 10-20 people may answer you with a good response and don’t forget, you need only 1 job.

Another method is to contact with different video games sites. They always need some graphic designers for their projects. It’s possible they need someone for the current game or upcoming game or at least they can add you in the recommendation list.

The final method is to visit apps or sites which are build to collect jobs from different companies. Indeed is the best example and many other sites are also created for the same purpose. All you have to do it to visit these sites every day and look for opportunities.

4th Method – Own Blog

Creating your own site is long term work. It’s like you create your art on different topics, share on-site, and also social media. It will take time when people will start following you and you may get thousands of active visitors.

Remember, you can easily get successful if follow few tips like Create content for bloggers, high-quality content for nature lovers, and more. Keyword research for each image can provide you with millions of free monthly traffic.

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More Information about Graphic Designing

Graphic Design is my Burden. Is it Possible?

Yes. Sometimes it’s possible because if you are not able to learn anything about Graphic Designing, you may feel so bad. If someone is too much interested in the topic but gets no skills to learn about it, Graphic Design may become a burden on them.

In other words, if someone learns everything but unable to show their talent to the world because of a busy life, it can also become a burden. They know everything and also creative too but can’t get everything out. Those who are able to follow our post may never say this term to anyone, Graphic Design is my Burden.

Top Graphic Design is My Passion Meme Generator

IMG FLIP is a very popular site where you can create Meme by following simple steps. Just upload your image, add text and it will do the rest of work for you. It also allows you to create unlimited Graphic Design is my Passion MEME for free. You can also explore thousands of already created meme and use for your advantage.

Graphic Design is my Passion Tumblr

There are many blogs created on Tumblr. These are the best sources to provide everyone with Meme, information about the topic, and much more. Visit This Tumblr blog where they add some popular meme for free. In the past, one meme created on Tumble become so much popular, and thousands of nodes posted on it.

Graphic Design is my Passion Original

It’s not like you just copy memes or images from other people and claim it to be yours. If you are really passionate about it, you will realize that natural creation will auto come in your mind. Creating original content becomes very easy for you.

Top Posts On the Same Topic

Graphic Library is a very popular site that focuses on writing articles about Graphics. They write detailed articles about the same topic. But they are not focusing on earning money or other aspects. Our post is a unique exploring topic in a very different way.

Identity Pr is a different type of site but you can read 1 article there covering the same topic in different ways. They focus on “Graphic Design was My Passion” instead of “Graphic Design is My Passion”.

A Research Guide writes a simple post about the same topic where someone explains their passion for Graphic Designing. The post is very short and it’s not providing good material to explain the main topic. A very short post on the topic is written on Know Your Meme which mainly focuses on memes but writes different articles on many categories too.

Conclusion for Graphic Design is my Passion

Everything which we promise above is explained in detail. First of all, you can clearly see the difference between posts written on many sites and unique posts by us. this post really provide the best opportunities for everyone to explore their passion more.

We write about different stages of passion where you realize your love for graphic designing, struggle about it, and finally realize your purpose. It’s like a guide that really helps everyone and please shares it with everyone who may get benefits from it.

There are some other methods which you can use to earn money from graphic design. We provide you with a list of only some important and popular methods where you can get guarantee success. Remember, if you can earn money from graphic design, you will get a full chance to explore your passion for it without worrying about financial problems.

Please share “Graphic Design is my Passion” with friends & family.

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