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Graveyard of US Soldiers

As per new Policy of Biden, US soldiers may never leave Afghanistan. Read about reasons why Afghanistan may become Graveyard of US Soldiers?


If we look at the Afghanistan war map, ist already clear that America lost it after spending trillions of dollars. Most of the country is full or partially controlled by the Taliban; they have full power to attack anywhere, including the remaining American bases.

Trump deicide to remove all American forces and also made a deal with the Taliban. Everything was going smoothly when Trump loses the election, and the New Gov of Biden decided to continue it. In other words, American forces are not leaving the country shortly.

But what can happen to US soldiers if they decided to stay for a long time? Taliban are thousands of times stronger compared to previous American and Nato invasion. Read below some reasons that explain why America should leave Afghanistan immediately.

Important Points

Strength of the Taliban

Its already clear that now Taliban are powerful with most latest weapons, including missiles and Drones. If Americans consider that they can easily defeat them like 20 years ago, that’s impossible. Taliban control most of the country, selling drugs to make billions of dollars every year already. The black market, China, Russia, and many other countries always sell them the latest weapons.

In Afghanistan, everyone is against America; people hate them, allies of the USA are weak to fight the Taliban. Most American Bases are continued targets of the Taliban whenever they decide to strike.

Second American Invasion without Allies

To defeat the Taliban, America needs to start another full war with over half a million soldiers. But is it possible for Nato allies to join this war against the Taliban? Most of Europe is struggling to fight with Coronavirus, destruction of economies, and not in the mood to fight any battle. It looks like if America wants to stay in Afghanistan, they need to fight with the Taliban again.

But that war will surely make Afganistan Graveyard of American soldiers. Unlike past, we can see thousands of death of American soldiers this time. Taliban are not alone; they will receive the most advanced weapons from China and Russia to fight this war.

China Plans for Investments and Conflict with America

China already offers the Taliban to invest billions of dollars and rebuild Afghanistan. You must understand that many treasures, including metals, oil, and gases, are buried under Afghanistan worth trillions of dollars.

Now China wants America to leave urgently, if Biden continues not leaving Afghanistan, that’s clear messages for everyone. China will never go trillions of dollars of profit from Afghanistan; they will surely support the Taliban to kill thousands of American soldiers.

Russia Is Looking for Revenge

Russia was indeed supporting the Taliban to win this war against America. The Taliban can’t survive this long without help from others. Now Russia needs a green signal from the Taliban to start a war in Afghanistan again. Currently, the Taliban are not attacking Americans because of an agreement with Trump. Russia can invest billions of dollars in destroying America in Afghanistan and challenging its superpower status as America did.

Every Neighbor Hates America in Afghanistan

If you look at a map of Afghanistan, everyone hates America staying there. Below is a list of American enemies in Afghanistan and surrounding that can work together to make it the giant graveyard for American soldiers in history.

Pakistan is considering American soldiers as the biggest threat to peace in its own country. They want Americans to leave to help Talivbna build a peaceful, stable Gov in Afghanistan. Don’t forget; they have experience destroying superpowers like the Soviet Union in the past.

Iran is the biggest enemy of Israel and America already. They will not leave any chance to make Afghanistan hell for Americans. You can understand, they have full advantage of doing everything possible just close to their homeland.

China will never accept American soldiers close to their country as a threat. They also want to make a lot of profit with little investment; the next few months are essential for them to decide Afghanistan’s future.

Taliban and all common people living in Afghanistan don’t want Americans to stay there. It’s necessary to understand that Americans often kill hundreds of innocent people in an airstrike and still do the same.

So who is with America in the most dangerous place full of enemies?


As you can understand from the above essential points, it’s the only chance for America to leave Afghanistan as per the Trump deal. But if Biden continues to plan for not going now, America should prepare for many losses of soldiers and black water agents.

Don’t you think it’s so easy for China to provide the Taliban with missiles that can easily destroy American Bases? American soldiers in Afghanistan are living at the mercy of the Taliban, Pakistan, and neighbours. Trump decided to change that status, but Now it’s not possible because of the new Gov.

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