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Step-By-Step Guide for Deep Green Cleaning of Your Carpet

Your world may get topsy-turvy once you discover a darker spot on the backside of the carpet someday. Read Guide for Deep Cleaning Carpet.


Spot cleaning is not enough for one! Your world may get topsy-turvy once you discover a darker spot on the backside of the carpet someday! Only will you be going to realize the significance of deep cleaning, which has to be eco-friendly. 

Are you worried about how to do that? Then, we are here to guide you at every step of the deep green carpet cleaning technique. So, let’s begin.

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What is needed to carry out the cleaning task?

Ensure that you have collected all the necessary ingredients and equipment to perform the task in an organized manner. 

Ingredients: White vinegar, borax, and salt

Equipment: Carpet steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner 

Cleaning instructions

Now, it’s the time to indulge in the treatment of stubborn and dark old spots and stains on your carpet. Here’s how you should do it….. 


At first, vacuum the carpet extensively so that the loose dust particles and hair can be absorbed from the piles effectively. 


Take a bow and add 1/4th cup of vinegar, borax, and salt, respectively and mix well to form a thick paste. Then apply it on the heavily soiled part or deep stains of the carpet. 

Let it sits well onto it for a couple of hours before washing. Once it dries up completely, vacuum the entire carpet thoroughly over again and again for the removal of dark spots and stains.   

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Switch on to the steam cleaner as it can make your carpet looks clean and afresh. Though other carpet cleaning methods are also there, most of them prefer using abrasive chemicals. This ends up leaving a lot of moisture in the environment and residue while damaging the piles, knots, and fibers of the carpet as well. 

Rent a steam cleaner to wash your carpet efficiently without using chemicals. This will extend the carpet’s lifespan and provide you a healthy indoor at the same time by ensuring proper care of the carpet.   


Avoid using carpet shampoo! Hot water is sufficient in releasing most of the grimes from the carpet’s fibers. The only thing you have to take care of is that the machine has been filled with hot water. 


For a heavily spoiled carpet full of stains and spots all over it, a full cup of white vinegar must be needed to add in 2.5 gallons of water to perform deep cleaning. This will retain the look, luster, softness, brightness, and acting ability of the carpet.   

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Every carpet cleaning machine features two modes. A button is there for releasing hot water to wet the carpet, and the second one is there to absorb the water back. 3:4 is the ratio you have to maintain for the buttons while cleaning your carpet. 

Soaking should be done three times, while absorption is necessary to conduct four times to ensure the carpet becomes almost dry and ready to use again.    


Again clean the carpet by using a steam cleaner for the second time. The specific machine is rented for the entire day, so it will easily pass two times steaming quickly, making your every penny worth it.  


Allow the carpets to get dried up completely. Once it is attained almost then, you can place the furniture back by applying aluminum foil under the feet to prevent further stain on wet carpets. Now, wait till it gets dried up thoroughly so that you can walk or sit on them with no fear of re-staining.


At last, you have to dispel the water from the carpet washing machine responsibly. The lenders of the device will take rent to lend it to you and want it back as soon as cleaning finishes! 

They demand it quickly so they can’t drain that much chemical-contained water from the carpet through it. Else, you have to hire a local water treatment plant’s expertise to know the proper way of disposing of the water loading with chemicals.    

In case you are unable to find the steam cleaner on rent, then don’t start making use of the chemical carpet cleaning technique. Instead, hire a reliable and local carpet cleaning company that owns a machine to carry out green cleaning for your carpet. Start finding out today! 

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