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Healthy and happy baby – with the right care and clothing!

Babies come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors. But there’s one thing they share: their basic needs for food, comfort, and cleanliness. Safe sleep practices are also important to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Once you’ve got the baby’s needs covered, think about your own.

Touching and holding a newborn baby is a wonderful moment for every new parent. Your arms will seem to fit naturally around your little one. And while you may feel more confident once you’ve mastered breastfeeding or using a bottle with nutrient-dense and quality baby formula, caring for an infant can be emotionally and physically demanding for both of you at first.

Babies need to eat every couple of hours—and some more often than that. So it’s important for babies and their parents to get some rest. You can sleep easily knowing that your baby is sleeping comfortably and safely next to you on a Mothercare mattress. A first-class mattress (such as those by Sealy) and a first-class bed (such as those by mothecare.com website (crib)) are all you need to ensure your baby’s safety for years to come.

Make the most of time with the baby. Every new parent loves cuddling their tiny, soft bundle of joy close. It’s natural, but it pays to be prepared. If you breastfeed, buy some comfy nursing bras, tops, and leggings to make sure you are always covered. That way, you can spend as much time as possible with your baby without worrying about clothing.

Do whatever it takes to stay clean. We all love the feeling of a shower after a tiring day. The same goes for babies—and it’s important that they get a good wash, too. Shampoo specially formulated for babies won’t irritate their eyes or scalp, and it’s free of harsh chemicals and any other nasties you wouldn’t want your baby to ingest. Also, stock up on wipes and hand sanitizer so you can clean yourself quickly and easily after changing dirty diapers or feeding your little one buy from mothecare.com website (crib).

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Having the right gear to make life easier Dressing a newborn baby is never easy—but you can make your job much simpler with the right clothing. That’s why Mothercare has brands like Boba, Mini A Ture, and Babymoov that design clothes especially for babies’ sizes and styles. Keep it simple with bodysuits, dresses, and rompers in soft, stretchy cotton. And use blankets to keep the baby warm when it’s cold or cover them up when they’re napping during the day.

You may also need some accessories. Dressing your newborn baby is easy—but what about dressing yourself? Whether you go with casual jeans or more formal trousers, Mothercare has an extensive range of clothes to meet your needs. And with brands like Asos Design, Esprit, and ELC, you’ll be sure to find something that fits you perfectly. You may also want to consider buying some stylish accessories for yourself—such as bags, scarves, or jewelry.

New parents have enough on their minds. The right products and clothing make life much easier for both of you. Mothercare has everything you need at prices that won’t break the bank at mothecare.com website (crib).

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