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10 Good Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Primary School

Learning can be fun for young children and absorb a ton of life skills they will enjoy. Read how to help Child Succeed in School.


Learning can be fun for young children. It can also help your child absorb a ton of life skills they will enjoy for a lifetime. That’s why choosing the best school for your child is easily one of the best investments you can make in your child. 

But schooling is one-half of the equation. 

As a parent, you are the biggest source of learning and inspiration for your child.  

You can support your child in ways where even the best international curriculum cannot. So, how do you do that?


Here are ten smart, easy, and long-ranging ways to help your child do well in primary school

Protect Your Child from Stress

You’ll want to shield your kid from several stressors, and especially two types of them:

  • You do not want to take work- or relationship-related anxieties on your child no matter how pressing it can feel. You do not want your child feeling responsible for something they have no idea how it got to them. 
  • Also, avoid putting too much emphasis on academic performance. Instead, allow your child first to learn how to learn.   

Young minds are susceptible to stress when anxious, so take those two steps to help your child feel right at home.

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Take a Holistic Approach to Learn

Young minds learn through a combination of seeing, hearing, and touching—and even tasting if there’s a cooking class. 

One way to help your child experience multisensory learning is to enroll them in a holistic educational framework at his school level.

Help Create a Routine

Contrary to popular belief, a routine does not equal boring. 

Repetition nurtures discipline. So help your child create a healthy sleeping, eating, playing, and studying time. The Christ School offers payment plans to help with your child’s Christian private education

Show Up for Them

One of the most powerful ways to motivate your child to do well in school is to be there for them. 

You can do that by helping her prepare or present at a presentation he is involved in, as two examples. 

Create a Study Schedule Together

You want your child to own the schedule so they can be more willing and proactive about putting the program to work. To avoid creating an entire study plan for them. 

Instead, get them involved.


Then stick to the schedule so they can learn to focus on their own.  

Show Interest

You work hard to provide for your child. 

Part of that will involve checking on and following up on what she is reading, writing, drawing, or listening to. 

Even if you find out they may be a little distracted, avoid mocking your child with rage. 

Instead, show them how to prioritize important activities such as completing an assignment before playing a game.  

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Give A Heart Breakfast

Ensuring your child takes a nutritious breakfast can help them focus in class and on the field or stage throughout the day. 

Be sure to include a fresh, brightly colored fruit in their lunch box. 

Encourage Your Child to Exercise

Young minds need a good selection of activities to grow and develop well. So, for just about 30 minutes in the evenings, stretch, walk and jump to maintain a healthy body, mind, and soul. 

Talk About the School Day

Sharing is caring. 

Your child could be struggling to share a bullying experience they went through at school. Follow up to see if the school deals with the issue.  

Or, it could be a good thing, such as getting a passing grade in a subject he has struggled in for a while. Celebrate those wins. They are incredibly motivating for young minds.

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Create a Healthy Reward System 

The healthiest reward will make your child less reliant on material rewards and more excited about internal wins. 

For example, please encourage your child to study to become that pilot they told you about. 

Show them pilot pictures. 

Watch pilot and aviation videos together. 

Let them know they can become one when they keep being their best in school and at home.

These are just ten simple but powerful ways to help your child take ownership of their primary school success. Be sure to practice them together, follow up, and celebrate wins together, will you?   

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