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Why Higher Studies in Canada is a Great Opportunity?

Higher studies in Canada give us benefits because it is a bilingual country with, low crime rate, quality education, and good PR options.


Quality education is the stepping stone to a successful and secured future. Undoubtedly, education in western countries is of superior quality. Many students worldwide travel to these countries to pursue higher education—one of the most popular countries where lakhs of students migrate to each year for education in Canada.

According to the data of 2016, Canada witnessed the influx of more than 350000 global students. Surely, the number has increased in the last five years. 

What makes Canada such a lucrative option for an international student? Canada is the home of many top internationally ranked universities. The quality of education in these varsities is the best in class.

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The socio-economic indicators of Canada, the government policies, and excellent prospects attract students to this country. 

If you are planning to study abroad, you have landed at the correct place. This article gives a detailed view of why Canada should be your destination for upgrading your education qualification and knowledge. 

Rest assured; you will receive world-class knowledge –

The global ranking of Canadian universities paints the success story of the quality of education catered here. In 2019, 26 varsities of Canada were featured in the QS World University Rankings, while 29 were featured in the list published by The World University Rankings. A Canadian degree or diploma is recognized globally. 

There are several reasons behind the excellent education system in this country. Firstly, the credit goes to the futuristic education policy of the government. Cross-disciplinary studies are highly encouraged in this country.

Secondly, the education infrastructure Canada offers is second to none. On the one hand, state-of-art technology is put to use to share and enhance knowledge. On the other, the emphasis is given to developing transferable skills like critical thinking, communication, and coordination. 

There is no better country for research

If you are into research, it’s highly unlikely that you will find another country as welcoming as Canada. For the Canadian government, research and development is a sector of high priority. Especially in telecommunication, agriculture, technology, medicine, and environmental & social sciences, the government of Canada puts extra attention.

This means that the chances of staying in Canada even after finishing the course are significantly high. To add to that, the government policies for work permit visa in Canada is far gentler than many other developed nations. After some time, you may apply for Canada PR Visa.  

Canada isn’t very costly 

When you compare the cost of studying in the UK and the US with Canadian Universities, the cost of the latter is lower. You can be sure that the cost of the course is not directly proportional to its quality! To reduce the course fee, you can choose from a host of scholarships.   

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Earn while you learn –

Yes! You read it right. All international students in Canada can work up to 20 hours a week during the semesters. In the breaks, you can work full time. Guess what? You don’t even need a work permit either to work outside or on campus. Your study permit is enough! 

Canada is the sixth safest country globally –

Being one of the safest countries on the planet, peace of mind is assured here. You will focus on your life more than your safety, irrespective of ethnicity, nationality & community; people are respected here. 

Enviable quality of life – 

All the modern facilities on one side and breath-taking natural scenic beauties on the other! Who wouldn’t love to stay in such a country! The icing on the cake is the cost of living is quite reasonable. Doesn’t that make Canada a great place to spend more time?

Recently, Canada sees a surge in immigration. Quality of life that Canada offers one of the most important reasons why people apply for Canada pr.

India is at the heart of Canada –

In Canada, you will find a significant Indian community. It is always pleasant to be in touch with countrymen on foreign land. Here you will get exposed to a host of multicultural communities who live side by side in peace. And, they are better known for extending a warm welcome to the students. 

Canada is a no-brainer for many students who wish to go abroad to pursue higher studies with so much to offer. If your visit to a foreign land is on the cards, get in touch with us at Pear Visa.

We will make sure that you focus only on your studies and leave the paperwork stress since we are the best Immigration Consultants in Delhi. I wish you all the best for your future!

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