Hit it Rich Free Coins – Collect Millions of Coins for Free

Hit it Rich Free Coins

Collect Hit It Rich Casino free coins now, get them all quickly using the slot freebie links. Collect free Hit It Rich slot coins with no login or registration! Mobile for Android and iOS. Play on Facebook!

Hit It Rich! Slots Free Coins:

01. Collect 100,000+ Free Coins
02. Collect 100,000+ Free Coins
03. Collect 100,000+ Free Coins
04. Collect 100,000+ Free Coins
05. Collect 100,000+ Free Coins
06. Collect 100,000+ Free Coins

Hit it rich coins free collect and enjoy the bonus freebies. This is a fan base site and we daily listed new freebies links and bonus gifts. If you looking for daily freebies reward links. hit it rich coin-based game and users are enjoying this.
it is the biggest slot machine and favorite of all.

Hit it Rich Coins today

2.1001+free chips 3.8.2021

1.1001+free chips 3.8.2021

2.1001+free chips 2.8.2021

1.1001+free chips 2.8.2021

4.1001+free chips 1.8.2021

3.1001+free chips 1.8.2021

2.1001+free chips 1.8.2021

1.1001+free chips 1.8.2021

Hit it rich free coins link or Free coin for hit it rich mean you can follow the Facebook page of Hit IT Rich. Many websites and blogs keep updating the Daily Hit IT Rich free spin coin link on their page.

Hit it rich free coins no survey. There is no need for any kind of survey or task and registration.

How can I participate in the Weekly Race?

The Weekly Race is a weekly tournament where 100 players will compete against each another. The top players in their race will receive prizes and perks. They will also be promoted to the next division, where they can win bigger prizes.

Hit it Rich Free Coins

The total score is a combination of slot wins, big wins and bonus games. Top payouts include Mystery gift, big slice and multi progressive, progressive, VIP, max voltage bonus game payouts.

Hit it Rich Free Coins

How many coins you win will depend on your position at the end.

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Higher divisions mean more coins for collecting your bonuses

Hit it Rich Free Coins

Important Note: When you receive your rewards, the Chests will appear beside your name on the Weekly Race Leaderboard. Below is a list of the Chest rewards that have been allocated to each rank in each Division.

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What is the daily gifting limit?

The VIP level of the player determines how much gifting is allowed each day. After the first gift/free spin of the day, the limit will be in effect for 24 hours.
The number of gifts that have been collected during a given time will determine the refresh/reset of this limit.

Sample Scenario 1 A Sapphire player received 5 gifts in the morning and then 10 gifts in the evening.

*The limit is reached at 5:15 AM. The player cannot collect more than 5 gifts.

Sample Scenario 2 A Diamond player received all of her/his free spins (12 free spins), and 40 coin gifts at 11:59 pm.

*The player can still collect up to his/her limit after he/she has collected all his/her gifts within a 24-hour period.

The table below shows the daily gifting limit for each VIP level.

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