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How Home Cooks Like Cedric Okiorina Have Navigated the Pandemic

The pandemic saw the whole world come to a standstill. While there are big businesses that suffered because of it, small businesses were not left out. People who travel and create content face an issue because they cannot travel anymore. One of these people was Cedric Okiorina. He was a traveler and blogged about his travels. While other people were panicking, Okiorina found a way to use the pandemic to thrive.

How Cedric’s food love started

Being a travel blogger meant that Cedric moved from place to place and experienced new things. Top of this list was the kind of food he ate. He had amassed a lot of knowledge and understanding of the different cuisines around the world. These informed his food choices. When the pandemic hit, he found himself at home with nothing new to do. Since he loves sampling food from different places, he chose to use this passion to create at-home cook meals.

How the pandemic started a revolution of home cooks

Like everyone else, Cedric was looking for an outlet to make his food known to others. While pre-pandemic many people were working day jobs and did not have the time to cook in the house, take-outs were the order of the day. Now that everyone was at home and most restaurants had been closed, more people were looking for ways to make great meals in the comfort of their homes. Once Cedric saw this opportunity, he decided to seize it and use it to his advantage.

Cedric’s blogs

One of the gaps noticed with so many people at home is the lack of variety in the food one cooks at home. Cedric decided to use this opportunity to change things up. He started a blog that features cooking with Cedric Okiorina recipes. He would make dishes from different countries and infuse his flavors into them. With time, more people came to appreciate how he made his food and used his recipes for their meals.

The cuisines Cedric focuses on

One of the main reasons Cedric became so famous is the various cuisines he focuses on and cooks. Top of the list has to be the healthy meals he cooks. People who read his blog have been glad they did because he shows them just how to cook healthy meals on a budget without needing extra skills to make the meal pop. Here are the major cuisines he has based his blog on: 

·     Halal: based on his travels in countries like India, Morocco, and Turkey, Cedric has had encounters with halal meals. If you love food with a pop of flavor and a mixture of great spice, then you should try the meals in this category.

·     Vegan: the common misconception people make is that vegan is boring. Cedric’s meals go to show that that is not true. He has an array of meals that will make your mouth water.

·     Healthy: people assume that all healthy meals need to be salad-based. With Cedric’s guide, many people have made meals that taste and look good as well.

·     American cuisine: whenever people think about American food, they look at it as being fatty and greasy while, in actual sense, there is more to it than meets the eye. Cedric has combined the different flavors of the people who live here and has infused those in the meal he makes.

·     Keto: if you are looking for a great weight loss plan and good food, you should check out his Keto meals.

Cedric has created great meals that you can cook at home and paired with great flavor. The revolution he has started will be talked about for years to come.

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