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Everything Homeowners Need to Know About House Cleaning Services

If you’re considering house cleaning services, do you know what to look for? From the types of services to the supplies, there are a lot of factors to consider. And on top of that, you need to know what fits within your budget.

Read on to learn everything homeowners need to know about house cleaning services!

Ask Who Provides the Supplies

When it comes to local house cleaning services, find out if they’ll be providing the supplies. You may think it’s cheaper to provide the supplies yourself, but it actually could be cheaper — and more convenient — if the cleaners do. You won’t need to add cleaning supplies to your weekly grocery list!

Most house cleaners will prefer to use their own products. They’ve been trained to use them safely. And some of these products may be more effective than those in the grocery store aisles.

You may have a mop or vacuum that you’d prefer a whole house cleaning service use. After all, if you’re allergic to cats, you wouldn’t want a house cleaner to use a vacuum that previously had been in a cat owner’s house. It may be wise to specify allergies so the house cleaning services are aware.

Are you interested in living a greener lifestyle? Many cleaning services already have made the move to eco-friendly products that are not loaded with as many harsh chemicals. Don’t be afraid to state that you prefer green products, and ask if using them will change the service cost.

Most House Cleaning Services Will Offer General Cleaning Packages

It’s wise to peruse a house cleaning service’s website to see what information they offer about cleaning packages. Since most people need the same general list of cleaning tasks, there likely will be options to choose from. But most services will be happy to work with you to modify packages to suit your home’s individual needs.

Typical house cleaning services include sweeping, vacuuming, and emptying trash. Cleaners also will dust, mop, and disinfect countertops. Additionally, they’ll clean fixtures and door handles to prevent the spread of germs.

Ask if fees are structured according to flat rates or hourly charges. If it’s the latter, aim to choose a more experienced house cleaning service. There’s a better chance that they will be more efficient with their time.

Before you book a house cleaner, verify that they are insured. In the event that they sustain an injury in your home, you want to know that they’ll have financial assistance.

Determine the Frequency of Cleaning

When you’re determining how often to enlist house cleaning services, understand your personal budget. How much can you afford to spend on cleaning, and what are the essential services you need? Ask local house cleaning services for quotes or special discounts for new customers.

It may be surprising to learn that more frequent visits from the local house cleaning services can result in a cheaper price. This is because a house cleaner won’t need to work as hard to maintain the home’s level of cleanliness. And that means that each visit will be shorter and less strenuous.

You Can Ask about Deep Cleans

Are you moving into a new house? Consider looking up house cleaning services near me and enlisting some help! A good whole house cleaning service can scrub down your home before you move in.

If you operate an Airbnb or host overnight guests, deep cleans are a good way to outsource one part of the job. Residential house cleaning services may be able to do laundry and change linens by request, too. You can work with a cleaning service to ensure that you’re optimizing their time.

With deep cleans, you can expect that the house cleaning service will tackle tile grout and ceiling fans. They’ll try to wash away marks on walls and clean your baseboards, too. The strenuous nature of this work usually means that it will be a little more costly.

Cut Down on House Cleaning Costs by Decluttering First

Are you curious how much you’ll need to spend per month on cleaning?  When you’re trying to save a little money on house cleaning, consider doing some decluttering first. Doing some initial light cleaning yourself will make the routine cleaning visits easier.

Pick up any toys or clothing that are on the floor. And clean and remove dirty dishes from your sink. Doing all of this will cut down on the amount of time that your cleaners need to spend decluttering for you.

While you’re at it, make sure that your pets are secure when the cleaners come. You’ll make the cleaners’ job easier and keep your pets from feeling uneasy about having strangers around the house.

For cleaners that charge an hourly rate, this can trim your costs. Rates can vary by location — and depending on the cleaning package you choose. You can read about this here.

The size of your home and the messiness of its inhabitants can impact price. Likewise, the experience level of the cleaners can impact the cost. And the frequency of cleaning can, as well.

Find the Best House Cleaning Service

Good house cleaning services will offer a variety of services with customizable options. You’ll need to map out a list of desired services and determine what fits in your budget. And if you’re in Tampa, you can ask Happy Home for a detailed and structured house cleaning services in Tampa FL.

For more lifestyle tips to keep you ahead of the game, check back for new articles.

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