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House Sitting Jobs near Me

Travellers who are looking to travel on a tight budget are finding that free accommodation is becoming increasingly popular.

Trusted housesitters is the best source for house sitting jobs. This guide will help those looking to house sit cut through the competition to land the gig they want in their dream location.

An introduction to house sitting jobs

Hobo with Laptop is your comprehensive guide to becoming a housesitter. We also have information for solo travellers and couples looking to find house sitting work.

When you are a housesitter, traveling is more affordable than you might think.

House-sitting is a great way to save money on long-term travel.

Popular bloggers such as Sabrina of Just One Way Ticket, Gianni from Nomad is Beautiful, and Ivana of Nomad is Beautiful -and countless others in the world slow travel – make house sitting a part their low-cost travel itineraries to exotic destinations. This helps them grow their travel blog and save some money.

What’s House Sitting?

House sitting refers to the act of looking after someone’s house while they are away. It’s not surprising that there are.

A “house sitter required” job posting usually means caring for a beloved pet. If they’re not home, their homeowners will trust you to look after their pets while they’re away.

The popularity of house sitting jobs is rapidly growing for pet owners who are internet-savvy. There is no exchange or money involved, and it is easy to find a job online.

The homeowner has peace of mind knowing that their pet and home are secure, while the housesitter receives free accommodation in any location they choose.

It’s true. You can choose from anywhere.

What does a housesitter do?

A private housesitter’s most important responsibilities include many of the same things that a homeowner would do if they were not there:

The home is on the screen

Take care of your pets (walking, feeding, bathing, etc.


Mowing the lawn

Get rid of the garbage

Pool maintenance

Mail delivery

Forwarding important documents

Jobs That Match Your Skills, Experience, and Personality

You are responsible for keeping things running smoothly when a homeowner is gone. There are many tasks that you can do. It could be as simple as walking your dog twice daily and forwarding any messages.

Sometimes, you may be required to care for animals, tend to the farm, or clean out the pool. You can choose to do a mix of tasks, but it is one you can choose.

It is important to communicate with your potential housesitters on a regular basis.

Be honest with yourself. You need to be honest with yourself about what you can do as a housesitter and how it will fit in with the homeowner’s needs.

It is simple to do all of this online before you even engage with a potential house sit.

How Safe is House Sitting?

It’s not as easy as inviting someone to temporarily live in your house. To match you with the right housesitter, the right homeowner and the right expectations, there are a few hurdles to get through.

TrustedHousesitters Review

TrustedHousesitters allows homeowners to choose from a variety of housesitters that have been verified and are trusted by them.

How Does Trusted Housesitters Work?

A housesitter must present a government-issued ID and pass a criminal background check before they can be a TrustedHousesitter. Referees are needed to verify their reliability.

This is done to stop bad actors from committing crime or receiving bad reviews. You can delete their account and start a new one, as is the case often with low quality accommodation sites such as Couchsurfing.com (or any other house sitting site that does not have these requirements).

For House Sitters:

Today’s top house sitting websites vet house sitters as much as they do homeowners. So, keep this in mind when you apply. It is not a good idea to accept a job in a stranger’s house.

Are you looking for a house sitting job?

Retirees are very likely to be house-sitters. However, due to the rise in remote jobs and digital nomads, there is an increasing number of freelancers and digital nomads who choose to house sit abroad to provide free accommodation to travellers. This is a great way to save money while still being able to travel.

You might be able to house sit if you have the same sense of independence that digital nomads have.

Search for a House Sitting job

Many people find it daunting to start filling vacant house sitting jobs. You don’t have to be a housesitter if you aren’t sure of your abilities. Start looking for housesitting jobs close to you – wherever “me” may be.

You can house-sit for a friend or relative who is going on vacation. Find out if this is something you enjoy. You can gain valuable experience and references (social proof), which will help you become more qualified.

How To Find House Sitting Jobs

There is a lot of competition for house sitting jobs abroad. Let’s discuss how to find house sitting jobs abroad and how to get shortlisted by TrustedHousesitters.

Creating your Profile

If you want to be a housesitter, your profile must have a great picture, sound professional, and sound like you are a real person.

Remember that job websites for house sitting are search engines just like Google, YouTube and Amazon.

Make sure you include keywords that refer to specific achievements, interests, occupations, places you have been, personality traits, and other information on your profile.

Sign up for TrustedHousesitters to become a “homeowner”. You can also explore other profiles to find out which people get a lot of gigs or positive reviews.

Many homeowners will actively search for potential candidates before they post a house-sitting job listing. This increases the chance that they’ll direct their attention to your profile and not wait for applications.

These are some important aspects to include in your profile


Many platforms allow you to create a headline that describes concisely what you offer. This is something you should think about. Take a look at what other housesitters do. Find a better idea!


Your experience with housesitting. You can add details such as where, when, who, and how long. You should also include information about your past employment history. Include information about your past employment history, such as if you worked in a bank or were a dive instructor. This gives homeowners a glimpse into your personality and interests.


It is important to let the world know why you are interested in house sitting. The motivation behind your desire to house sit is more important than just having a bed to sleep in. Perhaps you are a lover of animals, or you prefer slow travel as it allows you to make deeper connections and last longer.


Describe your useful house-sitting skills. Perhaps you’re a resourceful, flexible individual or have a pet certificate. Be positive and aware of your weaknesses. While this may limit your options, it will make it easier to find the right match.

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