How Astrology Can Tell You Which CBD Products to Try

How Astrology Can Tell You Which CBD Products to Try

So, you want to try CBD. You’ve done a bit of research on a site like and talked to your doctor to make sure this was a good fit for you and your health and wellness needs. With their go-ahead, you’re ready to find the perfect CBD products … but that’s proving to be easier said than done. 

It’s unlikely that zodiac sign compatibility is something that comes to mind while you ponder the question of what CBD product is best for you. However, your zodiac sign can give you tremendous insight into what may be a good match, not just in romance but in every element of your life, including your CBD wellness needs. 


As one of the most action-oriented signs of the zodiac, Aries is always ready to get their hands dirty. That’s why DIY CBD edibles are an ideal fit for those with this sun sign. Too busy with your other activities to spend time cooking or baking? You’ll find a wide array of pre-made edibles are ready and waiting. 



CBD flower is considered by many to be the purest form of CBD you can consume. Therefore, these herbal CBD products are ideal options for the security-minded, grounded Taurus to connect more deeply with the earth element that dominates them. 



Gemini is versatile and youthful, existing in an inner duality. CBD-infused honey sticks are a great way for them to explore the world of CBD, tasting the sugary honey on its own or stirring it into a favorite food or drink.



A cautious Cancer will most likely stick to a tried and true form of CBD, like ready-to-use vape pens. So it’s no surprise that these are one of the most popular forms of CBD—vape pens are thought to be one of the most effective, fast-acting products you can find. 


Bold, loving Leo is always ready to step into the spotlight, whether it’s with a partner at their side or playing a solo role. With that in mind, CBD lip balm is a convenient way for the zodiac’s lion to embrace the benefits of CBD while ensuring they’re always ready for their close-up. 


Virgo is modest and reliable, so their CBD of choice should act similarly. This product is as practical as Virgo themselves, often combining the cannabinoid with caffeine to kick-start the day and whatever challenges await. 


If someone were asked to name the most balanced zodiac sign, they’re surely going to respond with Libra. So, it makes sense that Libra is drawn to cannabidiol products that echo that balance. For instance, CBD capsules conveniently bridge the gap between more conventional health care and holistic wellness solutions like CBD. 


The most passionate of the zodiac signs, Scorpio thrives on products that mimic its own physicality. CBD-infused massage oil is a great way for Scorpio to unleash their sensual side along with the benefits of CBD


For a straightforward Sagittarius, CBD coffee is a perfect fit. Like tea, it combines cannabidiol with caffeine, but coffee gives Sag a burst of energy to fuel their intrinsic optimism. 


Capricorn is defined by their ambition, practicality, and discipline, so a simple CBD oil serves as their perfect match. As a tincture or straight oil, this option fits perfectly with this earth sign. 


With their ability to thrive on originality and independence, it’s no surprise that Aquarius would reach for a type of CBD that offers similar versatility. Vape cartridges provide the chance to mix and match pens, flavors, and dosages to find an option compatible with your current state. 


Pisces is intrinsically whimsical, reaching into the world with an intuitive, emotional side that’s hard to beat. CBD lollipops are a creative way for them to explore this side of wellness, with all the fun and fantasy a Pisces could dream up. 

Contrary to popular belief, zodiac compatibility goes far beyond just romantic relationships. Understanding your zodiac sign can give you insight into much more—including what types of CBD might be right for you and your sun sign.

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