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How can a student save money while traveling?

It is not just ‘what to see, what to do, where to eat.’ It is also about how to travel for a student on a budget and travel cheaply while you are travelling.

Saving money while travelling is a big focus for most students. You may have to save diligently throughout the year just to pay for this one trip, and you still want to enjoy it or at least not feel like it was too much money.


This guide is meant to be a short intro to how to travel cheaply, covering the first year of my travels. I was as broke as most students when I began, so if I can do it anyone can! The first part is about how I managed to get started, the second part lists all the little things and the third part shows some of the offbeat travel destinations that are possible with very little money.

When travelling abroad, one of the biggest challenges a student faces is the need to save money while still being able to enjoy a great trip. Travelling cheaply while still having fun can be accomplished by knowing some money-saving tips.

Important Points

When I was in my second year at university, one of the best summers of my life was spent travelling around Europe. Friends and family were shocked that I could travel for months on end without really spending any money. They were equally surprised when they figured out how I did it. Basically, by doing a few simple things, you can cut costs, a lot!

Travelling very cheaply is one of the most popular uses of a gap year. It’s also one of the hardest, at least at first. It can take weeks to adjust your mind to travelling on a shoestring. But it can pay off in big savings, and especially if you travel for several months you’ll find that your spending money will accumulate quickly. When I travelled around Asia for 8 months I spent under $3000. That’s about $375 per month, including flights from the USA.

You will be able to see more, stay in nicer places, eat better food, and have a fantastic time while spending less money than most people travel on! And at the same time, you could study at the college. Just use essay help and send your homework to the teacher in time. 

When travelling as a student there is a lot of things you could be saving your money on. Travel costs, hostel fees, food, transport, etc. are the main expenses you will have to deal with but you should not rule out entertainment and other expensive areas which can fill up your hard-earned cash.

Advice for students

Here are some tips for a student on how to save money on travelling. You can study English abroad, make your holiday, etc. If you are from Europe, you can usually travel to other European countries with Eurail and InterRail tickets which will save you money if you plan to spend more than two weeks travelling through Europe. Student accommodation is one of the important things for students’ life. Prefer Caro Lettings which provide the best students accommodation on an affordable budget for students.

There’s no need to be a millionaire to travel or study abroad, there are some easy ways to save money while travelling. Here the ways how you can save money for travelling abroad.

A student travelling can’t ask for much. What is to stay in expensive hotels, pay for expensive entrance fees and museums. Of course, there are always some not very well-known places that a student knows about, but these are often really too little visited by tourists. All of us as students have already noticed that when you travel together with friends you pay less. The same rule works for those travelling alone. 


For a student, travelling is usually the most expensive part of studying abroad. Here are a few cheap ways to have an incredible vacation.

I travelled the world for a year and spent less than $10 000 in total. It’s not difficult if you know how to do it.

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