How Can I Make My Home More Carbon Neutral?

Make My Home More Carbon Neutral

As a species, climate change is one of the biggest challenges we are facing. Over the last 200 years, human activity has caused irreversible changes and damage to the environment, and as of now, these effects on mother nature cannot be reversed- and instead, will have to be monitored and efforts to reduce our impact on the environment put into action. In order to help reduce an imminent environmental disaster, there are a few things we can do to minimise the damage- and reducing your carbon footprint is one of them. There are various ways you can reduce your carbon footprint, starting with your home lifestyle. Here at We Buy Any House we have compiled the best ways to make your home more carbon neutral.

What is a Carbon Footprint?

Carbon Footprint:

Carbon footprints measure the final amount of greenhouse gases that are released into the atmosphere by individual, business organisation or national actions. Typically, it is measured in tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent).

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint in the Home:

Insulate Your Home:

Throughout the winter months, homeowners tend to spend thousands of pounds ensuring that their home is well heated. A great way to heat your home and also reduce your carbon footprint is to carry out methods to help your home retain heat. Insulating your walls and loft is an easy way to not only reduce your carbon footprint but also reduce your energy bills.

Buy Energy Efficient Appliances:

When shopping for your home, energy efficient appliances are becoming increasingly popular. Appliances such as fridges, microwaves or other cooking appliances all display how energy efficient that appliance is, which is shown in the energy star rating. It’s an easy way to make your home eco-friendly and have modern applianced throughout your property.

Eliminate Single Use Plastic:

The home is a place where single use plastic is rife. Single use plastic is considered convenient and is used everywhere from things such as food storage to sanitary packaging, however it can cause great damage to our oceans and waterways as they pollute them. Additionally, they also consume a lot of energy in order to create and then recycle.

Turn the Lights Off:

One of our biggest offences to the environment is our electricity usage. An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint in the house is to turn lights off if you’re not using them. This will ensure that you’re not wasting power and will also massively reduce your bills. If you wish, you could install automatic movement sensor lights or energy-saving LED bulbs.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

Each day, everybody uses a huge number of products in their day-to-day use. Whether it’s paper, water bottles, electronic devices or packaging- all these things have a carbon footprint. It’s imperative that we make a difference by investing in recycling. 

Incorporate Greenery:

Adding a green space to your house can make a huge difference to your carbon footprint. Trees, plants and flowers all help change carbon dioxide into oxygen, in addition to creating high levels of insulation- which will help keep the energy indoors. Adding plants or trees to your home could make a huge difference and could also help improve the air quality in your home.

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