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How do I get a Green Card? Eligibility Criteria for Green Card

This Green Card will allow you to live permanently in the United States. Read How do I get a Green Card to know more about process.


The Green Card is also known under the name of “legal permanent residence (LPR),” an immigrant visa, registration card for foreigners, or even USCIS I-551.

This Green Card will allow you to live permanently in the United States by obtaining both rights and duties, such as being able to work or study in the country legally. Applying for a Green Card or legal residence permit is a complex, multi-step process.

There are several categories and ways to obtain a permanent residence permit and several criteria to be met, procedures to be followed, application fees to be paid, and forms to be completed.


When applying for a Green Card, you must provide all the requested documents that prove that you can obtain this permanent residence permit. You must also fill out the various forms and petitions necessary for the process to be completed.

Applying for permanent resident status in the USA

There are different ways to apply for a Green Card, different categories that apply to different people, and different laws that allow applicants to receive their permanent residence permit.

However, obtaining a permanent residence permit can be complicated, and it can be difficult to find all the reliable information to submit a proper application.

Our explanatory book has been specially designed to help people understand the entire process of applying for a Green Card and provides all the necessary information about the different ways and categories to obtain your Green Card.

This instruction manual provides information on the eligibility requirements, the forms to fill out to submit your application, how to complete these forms, the procedures to follow, the documents to provide, etc.

Our instructions will explain how to obtain your permanent residence permit in the United States in a clear and structured way so that you can easily understand this process, which can turn out to be very complex.

Don’t hesitate to get our help if you ever want to avoid making your request mistakes.

The different options for applying for a Green Card

Different options will allow you to obtain permanent resident status. Each of these methods has its own eligibility criteria, and the procedure to be followed for each of these requests may be slightly different from one option to another.

Here are the different means available to apply for a Green Card:

  • By marriage
  • Through family reunification (father, mother, wife, brother, sister, children).
  • By finding a job in the United States.
  • Through a personal request for certain special cases.
  • Thanks to the Green Card lottery, also called the Diversity Visa Program.
  • By participating in the EB-5 investment program.
  • By applying for asylum if you are a political refugee.
  • By being a religious worker, a Cuban citizen, a Haitian refugee, a Native American born in Canada, or an American with Asian origins born to a US citizen.
  • For children born to a foreign diplomat in the United States.
  • Through studies in the United States.
  • By being a child adopted by a US citizen.
  • The Green Card for certain job categories.

How to get a Green Card

Our instruction manual explains in detail the entire process that will lead to the Green Card acquisition. The procedure is different depending on the type of Green Card you wish to obtain. For this, you need to fill an I-751 form. However, here is an outline of how to apply for a residence permit:


Complete a petition / request

An American sponsor, also called a sponsor, must complete a request, known by its English name of petition or sponsorship form. In some cases, it is possible to complete a request yourself without a sponsor.

For example, if it is a family member, the sponsor will need to complete a form for relatives of a US citizen from the official US government site USCIS.gov.

Wait for a Visa number.

When USCIS has approved the request, the National Visa Center assigns a visa number to the applicant. Due to the limited number of visas, it may take a long time for a number to become available.

Relatives such as the spouses, parents, and unmarried minor children of a U.S. citizen do not need to wait for a visa number. Also, the processing time of the request will be much faster for them.

Update your status in the USA, in the embassy, or in the consulate where the request was made

When a visa number becomes available, the National Visa Center will notify you of the next steps to take. The Green Card applicant will then have to adjust their nonimmigrant visa status to an immigrant (permanent legal resident) when in the United States.

It will be necessary to apply for an immigrant visa using the consular process at an embassy or consulate abroad in some cases. Once the immigrant visa has been approved and stamped in the passport, the new immigrant can travel to the USA and obtain their Green Card.

Green Cards for related persons

In most requests to obtain a legal permanent residence permit, persons related to the applicant (spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21) may be included in the request and be eligible to obtain the Card.

Green as persons related to the principal applicant for the Green Card. These people will then obtain their permanent resident permit simultaneously as the person who applied.

The forms to be filled in to obtain the Green Card.

When applying, you will need to complete several forms. The most important form to fill out is the one called a petition. It must be completed by a citizen who will be your godfather or your sponsor. In very rare cases, it is possible to complete the petition yourself.

It is important not to make mistakes when filling out your forms. Errors will result in a delay in processing your additional request and additional processing fees to be paid.

Our publication will guide you step by step and support you through the entire Green Card application process. Do not hesitate to obtain it to save time and avoid making mistakes when submitting your immigrant visa application.

You can also use the services of a lawyer specializing in US immigration. The fees for a lawyer are high, but he is an expert in US immigration. They will know exactly how to file your request and oversee your case’s processing.

You can also get our help to remove conditions on a green card or renew 2 Year Green Card.

Refusal of a Green Cards request

When you submit your request for a Green Card, the Green Card may be refused. The reasons can be various, but here are the main reasons that can lead to the refusal of the granting of an immigrant visa on behalf of the American immigration authorities:

  • If you have been convicted of drug trafficking.
  • In the event of exceeding the authorized length of stay in the United States during a previous trip.
  • If you have provided false documents to the US authorities when filing your application.

If your request is refused, you will be informed by the US officer handling your case. In some situations, your case may be reassessed. In other cases, the ban will be imposed for life, and you will never be able to obtain an immigrant visa to live in the United States.

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