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How do i know if i’m ready for a buddies contest prep?

You’re browsing on Instagram and you notice that one of your buddies competed with you in an NPC bikini contest on Saturday. You’ve watched her hard put in over the last couple of months, and you’re amazed at how stunning her transformation has been! You’re thinking to yourself that I’d like to be as good as her. Maybe when I sign to compete I could be exactly like her… But if you could only do it that easy!

For someone who is not privy to the inside it might appear that it’s just eating broccoli and chicken out of the Tupperware and working out every day. However you could be pleasantly amazed to discover that there’s more to competition prep than appears to be what you think. I’m hoping that at the end of this post, you’ll be able to determine if you’re prepared to begin your first competition preparation.

Fact #1 Preparing for a competition may be longer than you initially imagined.

When I began the journey of becoming a bikini-sporting athlete who competed I believed that I could accomplish everything I wanted to achieve within 16 weeks. I looked online for coaches and found that the majority of coaches offered 12- to 16-week prep programs. I was certain that if I adhered strictly to my food regimens and work harder for four months, I’d end with the appearance of Amanda Latona, who at the time was racing and training for more than 10 years.

Many athletes in the region level have been working for oneplus years. For a body that can compete it is necessary to be able to build muscles that are lean. The tough part about gaining muscle as a natural athlete (note: not on performance-enhancing drugs/steroids) is that it takes time. Even if you’re maximizing EVERYTHING you can and you are gaining the most muscle a woman can grow per month is 1lb . it’s at the top of the range. The majority of women are capable of adding about one-half pound every month. In addition, it is impossible to gain muscle mass while losing fat quickly. If you have the desire to shed fat and muscles to gain, you’ll have to focus to achieve one goal at each time.

For the majority of people, this will need at least one or two phases of reverse dieting and muscle building of 6-18 months. Then, an exercise to reduce body fat which is 1.5 weeks per pounds that a person must shed to achieve stage lean. (PS Stage lean tends to be slimmer and more intense than you imagine. It’s quite different from how the model appears to be in magazines. If you’re lean and stage-ready, you’ll be able feel every muscle in your physique!)

However, not having enough muscle mass can create or ruin your stage appearance. Many people think all they have to do is shed weight. They believe that if they lose 10 kilograms of body fat they’ll win the competition! This isn’t the case for the majority of people who begin (unless they’re a lifetime athlete.) Bodybuilding competitions aren’t about who’s the slimmest. It’s not about looking at your ribs or bones. It’s about having muscles on your body to create an aesthetically balanced, symmetrical and feminine form.

The first question you should be asking yourself is: how flexible do I feel about my timetable?

At Fitbliss we strive to work with athletes that have a commitment to their work and willing to take the length of time that it takes for their body to become healthy, fit and athletic while maintaining physical and psychological health , because the result, without that an athlete’s professional career could be short, and at circumstances will affect their satisfaction and the general quality of life. In the way that the energy, time focused, money, and preparation for work that it requires, women must only be Personal Trainer Sacramento committed if they are adding to their lives, and not creating more stress.

Be aware that, unlike other sports, the preparation is the game in a physical contest. It’s never a bad idea to spend extra time to prepare. Take it in this manner… If you were a professional soccer player, you’d be spending months of the year practicing for many hours practice. In the case of bodybuilding competition the average time is two to three years working out for a few minutes on the stage. You must become enthralled by the process and be aware that if wish to be successful, it’s not about taking 12 weeks off of your diet, and then not counting macros and then waiting until you’re twelve weeks away from another competition.

Reality #2: must to commit to changes to your lifestyle.

Preparing for a competition requires commitment and time spent on training and nutrition. Keep in mind that it’s not just about the improvements that are made over the 12 weeks leading up to the event (though that’s when you observe the most significant changes in your body) It’s about the consistency that will lead to it!

Do you have the commitment to keeping track of your diet using MyFitnessPal or another app of your choice , 7 days a week throughout the preparation phase for your contest (or adhering to the meal plan you have created with the macros you have been prescribed) and achieving the 50-calorie mark of your average daily calorie in addition to within 10 grams of your target daily protein intake (typically between 120 and 150g daily)? When you are preparing for a contest you’ll find that your numbers will not always be the lowest however, regardless of whether they’re 1500-2100 in the case of an athlete, you’ll need to be committed to achieving your goals.

Additionally, could you also commit to working out for a minimum of four each week? typically 5 times per week and as little as 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 4 times every week as your event gets closer? (Note that we keep our cardio low and athletes generally don’t train more than 100 minutes a week.)

Reality #3: Being coaches we aren’t able to predict the speed you’ll advance.

Numerous factors affect your increase in muscle mass and fat loss such as genetics, diet history and training and sleeping patterns, stress levels and life’s unplanned things. This is just one of the main reasons why working with an expert coach you can are confident in is essential.

Although we know the speed at which things must be moving during the cutting phase of your preparation for competition (sometimes it can be as low as 0.25-1.0lbs each week) however, we do not always know what your body’s response will be. It’s the same about your development phase. You can speed up the process by staying constant and consistent during each of these phases, however, at the time of completion, the same factors mentioned previously can make the process take a bit longer. Bodybuilding is a competitive sport. Make sure to remember that your coach is always keeping your best interests at heart and will never try to hurt you or keep your back with suggestions that you put off the show.

Are you happy with your coach’s decision to not cut your calories or reducing your weight immediately if she believes that this is the best choice for your body? If you had originally thought of showing a performance, however your coach says you’ll be better at competing waiting for an additional show, are your willing to put your faith in her and her procedure?

How coachable do you actually appear to be?

The truth #4 The truth is that you must to begin with an ideal metabolism and relation to food.

There’s a lot more to achieving a winning body on the stage than being able to maintain a low body fat percentage. You must have a solid base in place, without having crash-dieted or the top in your workout. Also, you need enough muscle mass and an adequate quantity of fat in order to be able to prepare.

If you’re beginning your preparation with a diet of 1500 or less calories, except two months away of a show sporting an ideal body, you may require a reversal of your the diet. You can certainly create additional weight loss by cutting down on calories and increasing your cardio. But, eventually you reach the point at which going to these extremes can cause harm to your larger goal.

At Fitbliss we suggest that you are in a place where you’ve been consistent with a balanced diet (including sufficient consumption of protein) and have been training for a whole year prior to getting into a pre-competition preparation. Beginning here will ensure that you can keep a positive image of yourself and relationship with food and a healthy metabolism! After your preparation for competition we hope that you are more successful both physically and mentally and physically, than you were when you began!

The truth #5 The truth is that you require the appropriate motivation and the right time.

Are you starting a contest preparation to get revenge on your ex? In order to help you end your binge eating? In order to take those last 10lbs off of baby weight? It is important to assess your motivation prior to beginning the preparation for your competition.

If everything is in order in your relationships, job or finances as well as you do not have many obligations social that will disrupt regular routine (ie. your friend’s wedding destination at Cabo or your family’s vacation in Italy) then you’re more likely to be able to complete an enjoyable wedding!

If you aren’t in a good place regarding your health, relationships and your body image etc. It is possible that when your preparation for competition becomes difficult (and typically happens at times or in other ways) you’re not feeling the motivation needed to continue playing. You can certainly make traveling or your hectic routine work but, you might discover that it’s doing much more damage than good when you add an additional factor. In these instances, you might consider that it is better to concentrate on maintaining your Fitness and Figure Competition stress levels rather than having to go through a preparation which isn’t well-timed. Be aware that there will always be another competition and another chance to prepare. Most likely, the pressure of having to compete in the midst of an emotional or stressful time can make your life less manageable.

The truth #6 is that you must actually be interested in getting onto the stage, and also have funds to reach that goal.

Keep in mind that the preparation is only one aspect of preparing for a contest. Being on stage with a flashy bikini is completely different. Many people begin their preparation for a competition because they desire to appear like a contestant and not actually compete. Between the expenses to put on a show, such as the form of a coach, a suit, pumps, spray tanning hair, posing, and makeup, it can get costly. The experience of competing is thrilling and rewarding However, bear in mind that this is an extreme sport, with the ultimate goal being that you appear on stage, and the body you get from competition is only temporary.

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