How Does Vape Juice Work? Is it better than Cigarettes?

Are you a smoker, living in a world that really doesn’t smile on your habit? Well, I can completely understand that. I used to be a three pack a day smoker myself, so I am here to tell you that there are reasons why the world frowns on the habit. Some of them are obvious, such as secondhand smoke and the “ashtray” smell that clings to one’s clothes. However, it goes above and beyond that. It’s bad for you, in every conceivable way. When you smoke, you are inhaling ash, tar and all kinds of nasty chemicals that are added to cigarette tobacco. Obviously, that’s not healthy.

However, vape juice works very differently. It is intended to simulate the same sensory satisfaction as well as nicotine craving satisfaction, but it achieves it in a very different way. A vaping device like vuse, one of the more popular brands all over the world, doesn’t burn anything to give you the satisfaction you seek. When you use a product like vuse, you are inhaling vaporized e-liquid, rather than actual, toxic smoke. This is far less harmful to you, and produces no residual smell nor any kind of secondhand smoke that can harm anyone else. In the unlikely event that a puff of vape juice does reach another person around you, which would require them to be nearly close enough to kiss you, the most they may do is sneeze for a second. It dissipates almost instantly, it does not linger.

Basically, you know what you are getting with vape juice. It is a very simple compound, and the long scheme of things. All it is is a glycerin base, usually vegetable oil or something similar like propylene glycol, both of which are harmless to the human body. Along with these are an alternative nicotine form, one far less hazardous to health, and whatever flavoring is in the juice. Without flavoring, it would still have a subtle sweet flavor which you will apprecaite.

As far as bonuses beyond health and social consciousness, vape juice also has the benefit of being far more varied as far as flavors are concerned. Cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco and smokeless tobacco can only be flavored in a few, effective ways. This is why all you really see out there are menthol, light and full flavor variations on most tobaccos, pipe tobacco being a mild exception.

Given that nothing is being burned, heat-sensitive compounds required for other forms of flavoring are now feasible, meaning that literally any kind of flavor imaginable can be used in vape juice. You can have candy, ice cream, a banana milkshake, chocolate, mint or something that tastes like actual tobacco if you actually miss the old-fashioned flavor of a cigarette.

If you are new to vaping, you may have to do some trial and error to find the product you like best, it’s recommended that you use a disposable unit when seeking a new flavor. There is such variety out there, you need to try lots of them to discover various things that you never knew you might actually enjoy in your smoking alternative.

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