How Long Does It Take To Transfer A Number Plate?

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There might be two situations in transferring a number plate;

  1. You might be transferring from one vehicle to another
  2. Or you have a personalized number plate and transferring it to your new car

For both the situations, steps to be followed are almost same. Here are two possible methods, you can do all the procedure through post, or you can visit the DVLA website and promote the transferring of plate online. But we recommend you to go with online because it takes a few minutes, on the other hand you have to wait for 2 – 5 weeks via post.

So, definitely visiting the DVLA website and following a few simple steps is an appropriate option for transferring a number plate to vehicle. We have compiled much more about query in detail below. All you have to do is, pay greater attention this article and be good to go.

Transferring a Number Plate to Your Car

As we mentioned above, there are two situations in this. Let’s discuss both of them one by one. Before continuing, if you find complexity in any step or want to discuss more about it we recommend you to connect with an authorized number plates maker around you.

In the first situation, when you have already a vehicle and number plates are displayed on it you want to transfer to another vehicle; you need to first remove the plates from existing vehicle.

For this, you should go to the DVLA website – the department dealing with all the concerns related to the number plates and follow the below mentioned steps:

  • It’s a two-step process in which you have to remove plates from one vehicle and then assign to another vehicle
  • Ready the required documents before you log in to the DVLA website. Talking about the documents you must have includes log book (VSC) V778 online reference number, and valid MOT test certificate of the car you are assigning plates
  • Now, login and go with the form offering transferring of number plate and attach required documents to remove plates from your old vehicle. You will have to pay £80 fee for this
  • At this moment, you will be provided with a reference number you can further use to transfer the plates to your new car. Again, attach the documents you asked for and promote the procedure that’s all

Pay attention – don’t forget to let your insurance company know about the transferring of number plates from one vehicle to another vehicle.

In the second situation, if you have personalized number plates and directly transferring it to the vehicle you will already have V778 reference number. Skip the procedure of removing plates from one vehicle, while further steps are exactly same.

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