How Much do Concrete Countertops Cost?

Concrete Countertops Cost

When making significant improvements at home, homeowners usually think about the cost of kitchen necessities. Therefore, if you are determined to alter the kitchen’s look in which you live, opt for a durable countertop. The counter in your kitchen can make a lot of difference. Regarding cost, concrete countertops costs are reasonable. However, they are more expensive than granite countertops.

In addition, inlays, custom-designed elements, aggregates, or other unique finishes are expensive. The construction price includes the forms and designing, pouring, and securing the concrete and the installation. Below are typical values for mid-range, basic and top-end countertops, click here to learn more

Concrete Countertop Cost per Square Foot

Concrete is a customized countertop, and therefore, the cost is primarily labor. So, concrete is cheap, costing about $3 to $6 per square foot. When you factor in the form, fabrication, delivery, and installation, the cost ranges from $55 to $175 for a square foot. The majority of consumers are paying anywhere between $70 to $150 per square foot. More customization or finishing work is the higher cost. 

Countertop Size: Average Costs (Installed)

  • 10 sq ft:  550-$1,750
  • 20 sq ft:  $1,100 to $3,500
  • 30 sq ft:  $1,650 – $5.250
  • 40 sq ft: $2,200 $7,000

Concrete Countertops Cost based on location:

Concrete countertops are strong, sturdy, long-lasting, and ideal for all kinds of rooms. However, as with all concrete, they are susceptible to staining or breaking, so be sure to take care of them in the outdoor kitchen. Regular sealing and ensuring that they are not placed outside in colder climates will appear their best.

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Location: Average Costs (Installed)

  • Bathroom: $330 – – $2,100
  • Outdoors: $2,100 – – $3,500
  • Kitchen: $1,650 to $7,000

Concrete Bathroom Countertop Cost:

The cost for a concrete countertop in the bathroom ranges from $330 to $1,100. The majority of bathroom countertops are between 6- 12 square feet. Therefore, they may be larger or smaller which results in higher or lower costs. Concrete is an excellent material for countertops in bathrooms. The material is durable to the kind of usage that is expected in bathrooms and requires minimal maintenance.

Concrete Countertops for Outdoor Kitchen:

The cost for a countertop made of concrete in constructing an outside kitchen can range from $1,100 and up to three thousand dollars. Most outdoor kitchens have between 12 to 20 sq. ft. in terms of countertop space. However, the countertop size can differ depending on the countertop, so you might possess an outdoor kitchen that requires an extra-large or smaller countertop. However, concrete works well as an outdoor countertop in warmer climates. 

Concrete Kitchen Countertop Cost:

The price of the concrete countertop in a kitchen is around $1650 to $7,000. Most kitchens are made with 30-40 sq. ft. of counter space, with 30 sq. ft. is the most commonly used. It is possible to have smaller galley kitchens or large countertops. In this instance, the cost could be more or less. 

Concrete Countertops Cost based on Type:

Concrete countertops are incredibly customizable. You can choose a simple design with an industrial look. It is also possible to stain the concrete to create different textures and appearances or get the concrete colored before pouring. The three main kinds of concrete countertops. However, you can customize with other options. 

Type: Average Costs per Sq Ft.

  • Basic: $55 $90
  • Colored: $60 $100
  • Stained/Acid-Stained: $100 $150

 Concrete Countertops Basic:

The cost of concrete countertops is from $55 to $90 per square foot. Concrete countertops haven’t been stain or color. They appear exactly as they are: solid concrete countertops. So, they can be made in various shapes, with different edges, which can affect cost. So, they are also made in various thicknesses. The addition of additional components to the base concrete, for example, the sink with a drainboard, integrated or polished finish, can affect the final price.

Countertops in colored concrete:

Concrete countertops cost per square foot with colored colors range from $60 between $60 and $100 per square foot. Colored countertops are colored because a pigment is in the concrete after they are mixed. This is why the color runs through the countertop. There is the possibility of having several colors pouring or mixed into the mold to create a varied appearance. So, they can also be formed, cut, polished, or stained to improve the look.

Stained Concrete Countertops:

Staining concrete countertops can vary between $100 up to $150 per square foot. Staining gives color to the concrete’s surface. It can provide a variety of styles, including wood grain, marbling, or even custom designs. The stain may also give the countertop an appearance and depth. 


Since concrete slabs can be costly, many choose to paint the slabs instead. You’ll be paying primarily for the experience and expertise from the concrete contractor building your countertop, not the components and equipment needed to construct it. So, concrete countertop costs vary widely. However, if left as is with a basic layout, concrete countertops are an affordable alternative. Additionally, follow these guidelines to stain your counter. Choose silver marble granite to get the top-quality countertops at the lowest prices.

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