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How much does it cost for Car key duplication?

Cars are the most gracious blessings from the lord. It can be a luxury facility for its owner. Cars types depend upon the passion of the owner. Cars keys are a crucial part of automobiles. Don’t ignore them. What if a person lost them without making any duplicate copy of them? A person will be panic and go nearly mad after this. So to avoid such panic in life, we will talk about the car key locksmith market. dubai locksmith is one of the best car locksmith companies.

  In the busy routine of everyday life, another tension that no one desires is to realize that our car key is not working. You are ready to go somewhere and eventually your car keys stop working. And that moment you realize that you might be locked out of your car and you start figuring out the reason, why it is so? You can always find quality services like Best Locksmith In Newstead online.

The answer may be easy but at that moment of stress you might skip the actual reason but in spite of pondering on, you just trying to force your car keys to start working.  There are different reasons that you to spend money on car keys. You need to know how much does it cost to get a car key duplicate.

Cost of car key replacement or duplication.

The cost of car key duplication is not that much worth as people thought about it. Car key duplication cost depends upon the type of car customers are being used. Modern car key replacement costs are significant as compared to standard car keys or primary car keys.

  • Car key duplication needs a working car key.
  • If lost original car key then the cost will differ for this service.
  • When the car key blade is broken option for duplication is restricted.

What you should consider before spending money

Before you spend your money on car key duplication, you need to know the cost of all of the above mentioned car keys. You need to know the factors that contribute in the cost of a car key. Factors which affect car key duplication cost are given below.

Factors that affect car key duplication.

Following factors affect the car key duplication cost. These factors contribute to increase or decrease the cost. Major factors include:

  • Car key type
  • Service option
  • Machine type

Car key type

In order to figure out the main problem you first know the type of car key that you have and how it works with your car. Everyone thinks that all car keys are same after all they are all used to operate the car but they are not same. Even our car doors might look same but they are all unique.

It is very easy to duplicate standard car keys or basic car keys. Still, laser encrypted car keys and car keys with additional accessories are difficult to duplicate, so its duplication cost will be considered compared to the previous one.

If you have an expensive car, you have to spend more money on car key duplication. It is better to have your car insured because many insurance companies also cover the expenses of car key duplication.

Service option

Different hardware stores are available for car key duplication services. A local car key hardware store offers cheap services but cannot provide high-quality car key duplications. So a learned skill person at an international hardware store will provide full skilled services only available at locksmith dubai. If you choose a reasonable store for your car key replacement, it will save an amount for you. Always choose the reliable and authorized stores for the key duplication. Choosing a reliable and authorized company is important for your own security. Protect yourself from scams and frauds and always select a trustworthy company for car key duplication.

Machine type

Another critical factor that plays a crucial part in car key duplication cost is the machine type used for this purpose. Car key duplication machines determine the price by taking time in making duplications. Programmed transponder chips are required in duplication machines for cutting car key designs. Advanced machines cost much for specific car keys duplications with additional factors.

The modern machines determine the high cost for special car key duplications. The chips and mechanisms installed in the duplication machines increase the cost of the process.

Modern car keys

VIN numbers of the cars are crucially crucial for car key duplication. They are encrypted near the driving seat of the vehicles or codes of the keys or former keys, which are inserted into duplication machines to make new ones. The key maker will provide services for different car brands like:

  • Toyota corolla
  • Kia
  • Charades
  • Range rovers
  • Nissan
  • Audi car keys
  • BMW car keys
  • Jeep car keys
  • Audi car keys

These are the major car keys popular now. Other cars like Japanese cars are also in use and you may have to select some company for the car key duplication.

Need of car key duplication.

Having a car key duplication will reduce a person’s chances of getting stuck in the car.

  • I need an extra key for another car user.
  • Need car keys for another user.
  • If car keys are lost or misplaced, these spare car keys will be relief.
  • Your old keys are worn out and you need to replace them with duplicate original keys
  • Your lock is not accepting the previous old key due to some technical errors
  • Keys are damaged due to certain reasons, forcing you to have duplicate car keys.


So after all the discussion I am come to a point that car keys duplication will secure you from a panic attack and any emergency situation. Dubai locksmith is the best place for duplication of car keys. You will not regret about your decision of choosing Dubai locksmith.  It will not cost much if you get duplicate keys on time and you have insured car. Always rely on authorized companies to avoid any scam.

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