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How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Dumpster on Average?

Do you have plans to rent a dumpster? Read about Cost to Rent a Dumpster on Average below.

When decluttering the house, you will find old junk to get rid of. If the usual trash bin isn’t enough, consider renting a dumpster.

Many dumpster rental companies can help with your waste management needs. However, you might wonder: what’s the cost to rent a dumpster?

In this guide, we’ll help familiarize you with the average dumpster rental cost. Read what we have below and learn more.

Cost by Rental Period

The cost to rent a dumpster depends on the rental period. It can cost $25 a day and up to $1200 for a month. If you plan to rent for a week, the price starts at $350 and each additional day costs $5.

Rental Cost by Dumpster Size

The dumpster rental cost for a small-sized dumpster starts at $75. It’s for a week’s worth of rent the size of two yards. If you want a larger dumpster, a 10-yard lot costs around $300.

Cost By Rate

There are two kinds of rates to consider when renting a dumpster. Use these rates to determine the right one for your situation:

Variable Rate

Calculated on an item basis, the weight of your dumpster determines the cost. The lighter your collected waste, expect a lower fee to pay.

Flat Rate

The cost includes a pre-agreed rate or a bundled payment. It includes the weight range, delivery, taxes, dump fees, and mileage.

Expect no additional fees unless you exceed the agreed weight limit. Also, throwing unpermitted trash may affect the final cost.

Cost of Residential and Commercial Dumpsters

Residential and commercial dumpsters have similar costs, but the latter can cost more. It depends on the waste collected like appliances, yard waste, and other construction waste. Also, commercial waste needs a bigger and more expensive dumpster.

For residential dumpsters, it includes items after decluttering your home and other household waste. It requires the smallest dumpster, making it cheaper.

Other Associated Costs

Your location adds $0.50 per mile when outside the delivery zone. Rental dumpsters need a permit to operate at an average cost of $10 to $100 per week.

Depending on the company, landfill fees come with the rental price. The average cost is from $20 to $50 per ton.

Overloading your dumpster means paying an additional cost of $40 to $100 per extra ton. Heavy materials also cost more because it needs a specialized dumpster which costs $300 up to $550.

Cheap Dumpster Services Alternatives

If you need a cheap dumpster service, the solution is garbage containers for rent. It’s a good alternative for a waste solution. It’s when your trash bins can’t fit the waste but a dumpster is unnecessary.

Learn of the Cost to Rent a Dumpster Today!

Now you learned of the cost to rent a dumpster. Be sure to return to this guide to determine your requirements.

Do you want to learn more about the advantages of renting a dumpster? Check out our other article and learn more today!

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