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How to Best Handle Emotional Blackmail

It might be tough to know where to begin if you or someone you know is facing emotional ابتزاز in a relationship. Lisa Aronson Fontes includes a Controlling Relationship Assessment in her book, Invisible Chains: Overcoming Coercive Control in Your Intimate Relationship. Taking an exam might be a good method to start reflecting and recognising harmful habits. There is a chapter in Forward’s book called “It Takes Two.” She urges سايبر blackmail victims to accept responsibility for their actions and prior participation with the blackmail process. The blackmail technique is ineffective unless both sides actively participate. Forward presents this viewpoint not as a means for victims to berate or blame themselves. Rather, she offers this viewpoint as an empowering method for victims to realise what they can alter and control. She states in the introduction:

The word “change” is the most dreadful in the English language. Nobody loves it, virtually everyone is scared of it, and most people, including me, will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid it. Our behaviours may be making us unhappy, but the prospect of doing anything differently is much worse. But if there’s one thing I know for certain, both personally and professionally, it’s that nothing will change in our lives until we modify our own conduct. To deal with emotional blackmail effectively, the victim must adopt a new attitude and approach the issue in a new way. This will necessitate getting understanding into the blackmail dynamics and learning to separate from their emotions. It might be beneficial for victims to investigate what demands are making them feel uneasy. As a result, they will be able to identify which limits must be established. They must decide what is and is not acceptable in a relationship. It is also critical to comprehend the harmful nature of emotional blackmail.

Emotional Abuse

Recognizing how emotional abuse pulls victims down may legitimise their feelings of hopelessness and lack of confidence. Change is terrifying, but the only way to obtain a different result is to try something different. Otherwise, victims risk allowing their anxieties to control them and even ruining their life. Awareness, insight, and education are vital, but change can only occur from a series of diverse acts taken over a lengthy period of time.

No relationship is worth sacrificing one’s emotional and mental well-being for.

Victims can learn to create boundaries and may be shocked by what happens when new boundaries are established. The messaging must change to indicate that the behaviour is no longer acceptable. While victims may not feel brave or confident after being emotionally assaulted, they can choose an alternative course of action. Rather of waiting for the other person to change, victims must take action to influence the course of events.

Throughout the procedure, victims can self-assess. How do you feel when you refuse to back down and comply with requests accompanied by threats? Are you powerful, empowered, confident, optimistic, proud, enthusiastic, bold, aggressive, effective, and capable? Breaking any behavioural pattern is difficult. Create a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. Any change will need labour, effort, and suffering, but here is where growth takes place. The only way to find out if the limit and boundary setting works is to test it. Forward recommends addressing the manipulator about his or her actions. Forward offers three activities in her book: a contract, a power declaration, and a series of self-affirming words. 


A contract contains a set of commitments that you would make to yourself. The contract lays forth the fundamental ground principles for you to follow. Make it a habit to read the contract aloud every day.

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