How to Build Your Business Online Presence?

80 percent of the American population shops online.

What does this mean for you as a small business? If you don’t have an online presence, your customers won’t find you, which means a loss of sales.

So, how do you build and strengthen your digital presence? Read on to find out!

Revamp Your Business Website

Your business website might be working fine, but when did you last give it a refresh? Especially if it’s a DIY website, a professional revamp will transform it into a quality site that can rank highly on search engine results.

Focus on increasing its page load speed, making the design mobile-friendly or responsive, and enhancing its security. These features make it SEO-friendly, but ranking on the first page of Google calls for more than that. In fact, you need a comprehensive SEO campaign for your business website.

Also, consider building an e-commerce store, particularly if you sell physical goods. An increasing number of customers want to shop exclusively online, so having an e-store can add to your company’s web presence.

Go Big on Blogging

Did you know that 81 percent of companies consider their blogs critical to their success?

A blog isn’t just a platform to publish content for your target audience. It enhances your brand authority and compliments your website’s SEO efforts.

Search engines want to direct their users to companies with useful content. When you have a business blog with quality, fresh content, the search engines will notice and reward you with good rankings. The more your business website and blog show up on search results, the more dominant it will become on the web.

Conquer Social Media

Having a business account on Facebook or any other social network is a good start, but to conquer the web, you must do more. This, though, doesn’t mean you jump on as many social platforms as possible.

Your business should be on the platforms where its audience resides. If your business targets Gen Zers, for example, Facebook and Twitter aren’t the best social platforms. You should be on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram.

And, it’s not just creating a profile and posting sporadically. Social media for business is a full-time job. You need a content strategy that will ensure you’re keeping your audience entertained and engaged.

If your budget allows, hire a social media manager. This professional will use their expertise to design and implement campaigns that will keep your business on top of social media feeds.

A Strong Online Presence Is Good for Business

In today’s modern world, having a strong online presence for your local business is a must. Your customers are online, but so are your competitors. Expanding your digital presence will help you stay ahead of everyone and be more visible to customers.

Implement these tips, and be sure to keep tabs on our blog for more digital marketing advice.

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