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How to Bypass Web Restrictions?

No matter in which part of the world you live in, there will be times when you will come across blocked websites and restricted internet.

As cybercrime is becoming more prominent these days, government and security agencies are taking measures so that the internet remains a safe place. This is one of the reasons why you might come across certain websites that have been blocked or are banned in your area. Many of these sites might have country-level censorship and are not accessible in your country.

If you come across the internet block, don’t panic at all. Read this post on how to bypass web restrictions and access the internet freely.

But before moving further, let us first understand why do blocked sites exists.


There are numerous range of services that use geo-blocking tools to restrict the access to their content in certain countries. Netflix is one such app that does so. However, this can also apply to social media videos, news articles or even entire services which can’t be accessed outside their country origin.

Government Restrictions

Government often blocks different websites to suite their agenda. One of the most famous examples is the Twitter block in China. In recent years, we have also seen Turkey block access to social media in attempt to quell 2016 protests and Sri Lanka stopped access to Facebook after terrorist attacks of April 2019. This is done to prevent fake news and rumors from spreading.

Network Restrictions

If you are working on a company’s network, you might have to face blocks on certain websites that employers don’t want their employees to access. Some of the most common websites are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media websites where employees like to spend their most of the time.

Country Laws

There are countries which have some odd laws to restrict a certain type of material. United Kingdom’s controversial p0rn ban, which requires a user to verify their age to access the site. Germany’s crusade against YouTube and with the former one are two most notable cases of restrictions by a country due to odd laws.

If ever you find sites blocked, but you wish to access those sites, here are some of the ways to do it:

1. Use a VPN

If you are wondering how to bypass web restrictions then using a VPN is one of the finest ways to access blocked internet websites. VPNs have a number of benefits, but considering the blocked sites standpoint, it is the ability of VPN to provide you an IP address in another country so that you can access the blocked site using that IP address.

The foreign IP address makes it appear that you are based out in different location and thus you are able to access the blocked website in your country using a VPN. No geo-blocks are triggered while using a different IP address of other country.

VPNs are easy to use and download. You need to enter the login credentials once you have downloaded the VPN client. Choose the network and you are all set to access the blocked sites.

Hundreds of VPN providers are there at your rescue. You need to be smart while making a choice as you have to pay some money to use the services. Here is a list of best VPN 2021.

2. Use Smart DNS

There has been a clampdown on VPNs by services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix resulting in the growth of Smart DNS providers. These services have their own pros and cons.

One of the greatest advantages of using Smart DNS is the internet speed. Unlike VPNs, which route all the web traffic via different network, smart DNS only needs to reroute the information about your location. This leads to faster browsing.

But DNS services don’t offer any privacy benefits like VPNs. They will not encrypt your traffic or change your IP. The authorities in your location may catch you if you try to access the blocked information via smart DNS if they are prosecuting.

3. Use a Free Proxy

If you want to access a blocked website or content just one time then free proxy can be the best option for you. A proxy hides your IP address and help you disguise your location. It doesn’t encrypt traffic. The lack of encryption makes proxies unsecure and this is the reason why people choose VPNs.

VPNs are the best option to get around the blocks and office networks, and browse anonymously without showing your identity.

4. Use Google Translate

This might sound disgusting by Google Translate is the lesstechnical way of bypassing the content restrictions. The best part is that it doesn’t require any third-party apps and you don’t have to worry about the IP address or DNS servers.

All you have to do is head towards the Google Translate homepage, enter blocked site URL in the box and click on the hyperlink located in the box on right.

This trick will not work if you try to translate French > French but will work if the source language is something different even if the site is in French language.

But remember, Google Translate don’t offer any privacy protection.

5. Use Tor

If you are looking to bypass web restrictions, Tor can be another way. While using Tor, your web traffic is taken to a long journey through thousands of the nodes across the globe. This process makes it next to impossible for a regular website to know where the request has come from, so it’s unlikely to get caught by the blocking filters.

Just to inform you, Tor is not completely anonymous. Government authorities might monitor the person using Tor based on their interest.

The Bottom Line

Government agencies, services providers and company network owners usually put restrictions on certain websites or blocks access of website/service from a location. There are tools to bypass the web restrictions and access any website/service easily.

The above guide explains how to bypass web restrictions using different tools and takes you through advantage and disadvantage of using each tool. So, make a good choice before accessing any blocked website/content.

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