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How to Choose a Family Dentist That Is Best for You?

Finding a great family dentist is essential. Finding the perfect one will look different for every person. A great dentist is patient-centered and looks for ways to individualize their services based on each person. You should feel good about going to your dentist. Before you start looking for a family dentist, it is important to determine what you need from your dentist. You can always consider the best Orthodontists Raleigh NC if you need any help.

A great family dentist recognizes the importance of overall oral health. Great dentists will teach you and your family the best dental practices for years to come. Go through these six elements when you’re looking for your next family dentist, and never have to look again. We suggest you read about Dentist Cambridge for awesome information in this field.

Know What You Need

Know what you want to get out of your dentist appointments. Some dentists specialize in different areas of dentistry and others are general dentists who focus mainly on prevention and maintenance. A great dentist in London may not be a specialist, but they will have experience in a number of different areas. When you plan to stay with a dentist long term, they should provide you with all services. Orthodontic work for younger patients, cosmetic dentistry for things like quick smile whitening, sedation dentistry for patients with anxiety, dental implants in case teeth fall out, and finally emergency services for those unexpected dental problems.

Look at Reviews

Looking at reviews and testimonials can give you an inside look into life as a patient at this dentist. Check reviews out on sites like Google and Facebook. When youre looking through the reviews, look at both the positive and negative, as well as everything in between. Make a note of common topics, like if 30/40 reviews mention friendly staff, it is safe to assume the staff are friendly. On the other hand, if multiple people highlight a negative quality, that may be something to be especially aware of before visiting. When looking at reviews, note the owner’s response. If the owner tends to only reply to positive reviews rather than addressing poor ones, you may want to think a little bit more.  Review responses tend to show a level of care for customer experience both positive and negative.

Insurance Compatibility

Dental visits are unfortunately not free. Costs are covered by individual dental insurance plans. To make sure you can afford this specific dentist, inquire about their billing practices. This is a critical step in helping you determine if this is the right dental clinic for you. At this point, you can also inquire about prices, how do those prices match up with other dental practices, and what is included?

Where Are They Located

Location should play a role in your family dentist selection process. Choosing a dentist that is too far would leave you in a bit of a bind during emergencies or when traffic comes into play. A good rule of thumb is to look for a dentist in your specific area. For example, if you live in Newmarket, you likely shouldn’t look for a dentist in Toronto, instead stick with dentists in Newmarket.  Make a note of the dental office hours. You should find a dentist who’s hours line up with your personal schedule. Some dental clinics are open late some days and even on weekends to accommodate patient schedules.

Dentist’s Education

Evaluate the dentist’s education and dentistry background by taking a look online. On most websites, each dentist will have information about their dental experience. Reading this information will give you an idea of what you can expect and can ease any nerves you have. Most dentists will also include some personal information to make you as comfortable as possible.

Book An Initial Appointment

Next you can book an appointment. Start by filling out a new patient form online or calling to book an appointment. When you’re booking your first appointment, it’s good to be aware that it will more than likely be a longer appointment. Make sure you aren’t rushed going in or coming out, but here is what you should expect from your dentist during the first appointment.

What to expect from your first appointment

You can expect to fill out a new patient form. On the form, you will need to disclose essential health information so the dentist will be able to offer you complete and effective treatment options in taking care of your teeth. The next step in the appointment will be to complete a total assessment of your dental health. Included in the examination will be oral x-rays, bite and strength tests as well as taking regular images. Following your entire assessment,the dentist will be able to make comprehensive recommendations.

Try To Get A Feel For The Office 

When you walk into the office, do you feel comfortable? Welcome? These are essential aspects of a great dental clinic. Next, see if the space is family friendly. A family dentist should have solutions for all patients spanning all ages. Does the office feel clean? Another important question that should cross your mind during the first appointment. Do the staff seem to be enjoying their day or are they cold to incoming patients? If you don’t get a great feeling while in the waiting room or dental chair it may not be the right clinic for you yet. Alternatively if you do feel comfortable, this may just be the clinic for you. 

Once you have gone through each of these elements, you are ready to determine if this is the correct clinic for you. If it is, you are ready to enjoy a lifetime of exceptional dental care!

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