How to choose welding jackets?

welding jackets

What factor to check before choosing welding jacket?

First, we must determine the type of jacket we want based on what we will be welding and where we plan to do it. There are several different kinds:

Next, we should consider the thickness and number of layers in our welding shirt or jacket. Do you want a thicker or thinner layer?

Does one layer protect better than multiple layers?

1 layer:

For small projects or touch-ups. Can wear this for longer periods of time than the others without getting too hot.

2 layers:

Great for regular work, can be worn with other regular clothing layers. Allows you to move freely and breathe more easily than thicker jackets.

3 layers:

Thickest type of welding jacket, great for protecting yourself from intense heat and spatter. Can get too hot in the summer.

4 layers:

Especially good for projects where you will be exposed to intense heat/spatter and need to wear regular clothing on top of it. May not allow you enough flexibility or breathing room.

5 layers:

Used only when two-layer jackets aren’t enough protection from heat/spatter since they are bulky and less mobile.

Finally, choose a jacket with a collar that is high enough to cover your neck while welding. This will prevent unnecessary exposure to harmful fumes and molten metal. Also, keep in mind how many pockets you want on your welding shirt or jacket.

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