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How To Crack The GPSC AE Exam Without Coaching?

The Gujarat Public Service Commission conducts the GPSC AE exam to recruit aspirants to various state administration posts. It is an essential exam for students wanting to work in Government jobs. Therefore, aspirants must prepare thoroughly to crack the exam. The exam consists of two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2. Paper 1 consists of 100 marks, and it evaluates the candidate’s, General Knowledge. Paper 2 consists of 200 marks and tests students based on their concerned engineering field. 

This article explores how aspirants can crack the GPSC AE Exam without Coaching. 

7 Ways to Crack GPSC AE Exam Without Coaching

Listed below are some tips that will help the students crack the GPSC AE Exam without any formal coaching:

  1. Self-Study: Self-study is one of the most primary elements of the preparation process. Without self-study, aspirants will not be able to prepare for any exam. They have to study independently to get a good idea of the exam. This way, it will also be easier for them to plan out strategies to cover every aspect of the vast syllabus, and in turn, they will be able to crack the GPSC AE exam easily. Self-study will also help aspirants get an insight into their strengths and weaknesses. An idea about their strengths and weakness help them understand their capabilities, and as a result, it will also help them improve their learning process. 
  2. Study Material: Study Material is the ammunition aspirants require to crack any exam. Without proper, adequate study material, aspirants will not understand the concepts in the GPSC AE exam syllabus. Therefore, aspirants must search for study materials suitable to their understanding capabilities. This way, the aspirants will study and grasp the syllabus topic without much help. Study Materials include handouts, books, NCERT Books, previous question papers, notes, videos on Gujarat History, Modern History, Geography, Indian Polity, Economy, etc. 
  3. Study Plan: Aspirants must ensure a proper study plan to help them crack the GPSC AE exam. Without a good framework, aspirants will not be able to cover the extensive syllabus of the exam. First and foremost, they must make a proper timetable. This timetable must consist of appropriate and adequate time distribution to every syllabus topic. The aspirants must give sufficient time to the subjects they find difficult, but at the same time, they also must not ignore the issues they find easy. This way, they will study both the difficult and the easy topics. 
  4. Knowing the syllabus: To crack the GPSC AE exam, the aspirants must first understand the exam syllabus. Without knowing the exam syllabus, they cannot sit for the exam. Therefore, knowing the syllabus in detail is a must for the candidates appearing for the GPSC AE Exam. Comprehensively knowing the syllabus will also help the aspirants prepare for the exam and will help them crack the exam. 
  5. Revision: Some may underestimate the importance of revision, but it is an essential part of preparation. The revision period is a period that gives the aspirant a chance to go through whatever they have studied throughout the preparation process. It also allows them to recollect and brush up on their concepts properly. Recollection is vital for writing answers. Without revising the already-read concepts, the aspirants will not remember the ideas in the exam hall. 
  6. Solve previous years’ questions and mock tests: To get a fair idea about the kind of questions in the GPSC AE Exam, aspirants must solve last year’s question papers and mock tests available at BYJU’s Exam Prep. Solving the previous years’ questions will help the aspirants get a profound insight into the type of questions during the exam. The aspirants must also solve various mock tests on the GPSC AE exam to get enough practice on the GPSC AE exam questions. It will also help if they time themselves while solving the mock tests. This way, they will be accustomed to the exam’s time limit. 

These are some ways aspirants can crack the GPSC AE exam without coaching. 


Aspirants can crack the GPSC AE exam without any formal coaching. However, they need to have confidence and a little bit of discipline in their preparation process. If they strategize correctly and choose study materials that cover the topics thoroughly, they can build a good preparation process. They also need to understand the syllabus to decide how much time they should devote to each subject. Aspirants can also enhance their preparation process by solving previous year’s question papers and mock tests. BYJU’S Exam Prep is a platform that thoroughly deals with the GPSC AE Exam details. It also explores how aspirants can crack this prestigious exam on their own.

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