How to Create a Perfect Home Office: Tips to Consider

How to Create a Perfect Home Office: Tips to Consider

Last year made a lot of changes in the working environment. A lot of businesses had to quickly move out of offices and rearrange their workflow. It would be an understatement to say that such a shift was painful. There were plenty of new rules and unexpected drawbacks that affected the way companies function.

People suffered a lot too. For those who were already working from home, it wasn’t so hard since they were used to it. But the number of those who were forced to stay home for 24 hours a day was incredible. That is why the question of organizing a home office became as urgent as never.

If you are still struggling with arranging a proper working space or want to change it, here are the best tips to follow. They will make your work from home less stressful and more focused.

Functions first

You have already seen those perfect working spaces from Pinterest, haven’t you? Sure, they look unbelievably aesthetic and neat. It would be nice to have something like that inside your house.

But don’t get too distracted by beauty. Since the main task of working space is to keep you focused and not to distract you, pay more attention to how functional it is. It doesn’t mean your desk should have only a laptop and an organizer on it, but minimalism rules.

Opt for the natural lighting

There are plenty of studies that prove the benefits of natural light. It makes people more productive, lightens up the mood, improves the quality of sleep, and helps with getting the essential vitamin D. Also, open curtains reduce the load on our eyes so the risk of vision problems is lower. 

Besides, natural lighting has a more practical advantage: Your electric bills will definitely become less costly.

Inspire yourself

Minimalism is good but your home office should not turn into a cubicle. Some personal stuff will warm up the atmosphere and keep your mood happy. For example, you can put a frame with your favorite photo on the table or throw a colorful pillow on your chair. Such small things will become your anchors for you to stay afloat and not to drown in workload.

Also, try to blend them into your overall room design. That way, there will be fewer reasons for you to distract your attention.

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Save space

If you have another empty room or something that is completely separated from the house, you may not bother yourself with the space question. But this part is especially relevant to those who don’t have an opportunity to physically separate their work from home.

Try to find a location where you can stay concentrated on your work. You can put a table and a chair in your living room or bedroom. Even the kitchen can work if food is not a distraction for you. Working in bed is not recommended since it can badly affect your posture and decrease productivity.

Make it ergonomic

Even if you are not going to work from your bed, prolonged sitting is not a very good thing for your health. To minimize its effect, you should follow the ergonomics. Your arms should be parallel to the floor, your neck and back should be straight, and the computer’s display should stay at your eye level.

If you don’t want to sit a lot, you can try a standing workplace. But take into account that you still shouldn’t slouch or bend to the table.

Don’t accumulate chaos

It’s okay if you cannot keep your home office organized all the time. Notebooks and documents will be placed in different places, pens will get lost, and dust will appear on shelves and tables. Well, nothing is perfect.

But you shouldn’t ignore this issue at all. Develop a habit of sorting out the documents and inbox once a week. If you have a lot of hardware, think about a way to organize or hide cords so they won’t get messy. Use both vertical and horizontal storage to order your work stuff.

Let the nature inside

It may be hard to believe, but plants are great stress relievers. A study published in The Guardian says that plants can give a 15% boost to your productivity. Besides additional oxygen and increased focus, it’s a nice design decision to make your home office more colorful.

If you are not a plant person and don’t want to spend a lot of time taking care of them, choose something that will at least remind you of nature like a throw pillow with a floral design or a plate with fruits. And don’t forget to open windows once in a while to get a bit of fresh air.

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Final advice

They say “strive for progress, not perfection.” This rule can be applied to a lot of areas including arranging a home office. Start with something simple and minimalistic, then upgrade it according to your needs and desires. Choose what is best for you, stay focused, and don’t forget to have some rest.

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