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How To Fight Depression In 5 Easy Steps: By Leading Therapists

Have you ever felt tired, fatigued, and empty even after just waking up? 

This might be something you should not be ignoring. According to leading therapists, depression is something that is normal, routine and can affect anyone. 

Triggers for depression can be any event that has caused insurmountable grief, sadness, or worry. For example, losing someone you love can make you depressed. Likewise, being at the receiving end of a bad break-up can also trigger depression. 

Human beings are full of feelings and emotions. This means that we can get depressed when things do not go our way or as expected. Depression, on the other hand, is a condition, where you do not seem to get out of the feelings of sadness, worry, and tensions. 

In the last few years, growing awareness around mental health issues has removed some of the stigmas around seeking help for depression. 

In this resource article, we speak to a leading depression therapist in Singapore. We ask him to list down five steps that can help us fight and overcome depression. 

What is Depression and why you should take it seriously?

In very simple words, depression is a mental health condition that affects our mood. When someone is suffering from depression, he or she is living in a constant state of sadness. This means that normally pleasurable activities like eating good food, watching movies, listening to music are not being able to make the person happy. 

Many make the mistake of thinking of depression as some sort of an illness that can be cured like a fever. That is not the case. Therapists point out that depression is an ongoing process. Meaning, it can last for several weeks, months, or even years. The following are some of the major signs that can help tell whether you are suffering from depression or not- 

  1. Changes in body weight- sudden gain or loss
  2. Reduction of sexual libido
  3. Sleep problems and insomnia
  4. Frequent mood changes
  5. Constant bouts of anger and agitation
  6. Thinking about death or suicide
  7. Tiredness and fatigue at all points of a day
  8. Problems in focussing or concentrating
  9. Variations in eating patterns- a lot or too less
  10. Feeling unworthy and being full of guilt

List of 5 Easy Steps to Help you Fight and Overcome Depression

Step 1: Acknowledge that the problem exists 

The first step you need to take is to recognize and acknowledge that there is something wrong with you. If you stay in denial, you will not be able to process the next steps or seek treatment options. Therapists refer to this step as ‘meeting yourself’ and telling what is wrong. This means that you are willing to identify the problem and are ready to work towards solving it. 

Step 2: Seek help from family, friends, and colleagues

You might be surprised at all the support and concern that people have with what you are going through. You need to share with people who are close to you what is really happening. Talking can help in a major way. If you are feeling guilty about something, you can share the same. Positive feedback helps and allows you to get a sense of self-worth and respect from others. 

Step 3: Research therapists and counselors and fix appointments

When it comes to overcoming depression, you need the guidance of a professional mental health expert. You can start by doing some online research and reading about the various options in your neighborhood. Some counselors are experts in treating depression. You need to fix an initial appointment and discuss your specific situation. 

Step 4: Try following the suggestions of the therapist or counselor

Your therapist or counselor will ask you to do two main things- engage in activities that make you happy and set a defined routine for your day. The first will help the brain in releasing hormones that will make you happy. The second part will help you keep yourself distracted and focus your mind on a regimented routine. Both these will help you overcome depression. 

Step 5: Address the elephant in the room- negative thoughts

A lot of individuals who are going through depression need some kind of closure. They need to make their mind understand that this is over and it is time to move on. This closure can be in the form of addressing the negative thoughts and feelings that loom like a heavy cloud. Regular sessions and courses with the therapist can help in eliminating negative thoughts. 

The Bottom Line

Treating, fighting, and overcoming depression cannot take place in a day. It is a process that requires constant intervention and back-and-forth movements. When you are undergoing treatment, some days will feel better, while others will feel like hell. By setting a goal and encouraging yourself to come out of this better, you will be able to treat your mental health condition. 

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