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How to get a Google Voice Number?

Google Voice is a familiar phone number service working with a user’s subsisting landline or mobile setup. It gives the user forwarding calls he receives upon the internet to his device.

Google Voice is also familiar among freelancers and solopreneurs, offering a free personal phone number and unlimited secular texting and calling. Below is the description of how to get a Google Voice number.

To set up a Google Voice account:

The user will require to visit the Google Voice official website to set up a Google Voice account. If he has opened a Google account before, he can take a number and get started at the moment. Otherwise, he must need to open a Google account.

Google account’s setup process is very easy. The user should follow the step-by-step leading where will ask to enrol contact information and his name. He can either use his subsisting email address or form a new one. Users will be asked to select between one particularly designed for a business account or a personal account. Once he has his account set up and gets the account, he can get his number and make calls through the service.

To get the account’s Voice number:

By using area code, Google Voice will interrogate the user to inquire for a number. While the user can choose his local predestine, this is effective if he does most of his business in the various cities than where he lives.

Once the user has selected a number, he will require to link it to a subsisting phone number. It requires connecting to an actual phone number. He must use a U.S. basis landline or mobile phone for this step.

Once he enters a number, Google Voice will send a text message; that’s why he has to receive a phone call to ensure that number. By confirming it, he will start to create calls with Google Voice from his desktop.

Another Process:

Signing up for Google Voice:

  1. First, the user needs to type https://voice.google.com and click on it to open the web browser. Then, he must enter his email address and password to log in to a Google account, and the Google Voice setup page is opened.
  2. He needs to click the text box and enter a ZIP code or his city name in the middle of the page. Now, phone number options with a drop-down menu bar appear below the text box.
  3. He must click on the ‘select’ blue-button option at the right of the phone number he wants to use. This blue button can verify his actual phone number staying in the middle of the page.
  4. He should type the phone number he wants to use to access the Google Voice account in the text field in the middle of the page.
  5. He needs to verify it by clicking on which will stay below at the right corner of the phone number window. Then, Google Voice sends him a six-digit verification text code to his phone.
  6. He needs to open that sending a text from Google and assure this six-digit code.
  7. In the middle of the Google Voice page, he must enter that six-digit code into the text field.
  8. Then, he needs to click a field to verify that code which will stay below at the right corner of the code verification window.
  9. Then, he needs to click on the ‘Claim’ option when it is prompted. This claim confirms his Google Voice account for using the associated phone number.

 10. Now, the user must click on the ‘Finish’ option to confirm this process. After finishing the process, the web browser will take him back to the Google Voice home page.

Google Voice mobile app installing process:

The user can access the Google Voice app from any mobile device, iOS device or desktop browser. The process of installing this app is also very easy. First, he has to go to the Google Play Store on the mobile device and search by typing the Google Voice app in the search option. Clicking on the result, he will get the download option, and by pressing there, the download process of the app will start. After finishing the process, the user must type all of his login information and create a call.


Nowadays, texting, calling, and communicating through voicemail has become a prevalent trend. The Google Voice platform is growing in popularity as it can provide all these features simultaneously. Recently, it has become effortless to get a Google Voice number, and it enables the users to communicate with anyone by choosing some unique way from any part of the world. Having more Google Voice numbers makes the path of communication easier.

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