How to Have a Good Life? – Step by Step Guide to Live Happy Life

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Happy people are, not because they have more than others, but they know How to Have a Good Life. If you want to join them, read this article.

Having a life is about being able to “live aligned with our values, purposes and priorities.”

1. Do I deserve to be happy?

Start to believe it. Yes, you deserve to be happy. Happiness can be tricky. Some have doubts …

Do I deserve to feel this way?

Do I deserve this award?

Is this moment going to last a lifetime?

What if I relax, enjoy myself, and then misfortune comes to me?

But … how happy we would be if we were aware that we are already happy. And if we are aware of what makes us feel good … why don’t we do it? Because of guilt, lack of organization, beliefs, the scale of values, lack of time …


Remember, a serene life is not a prize; it is a right.

Let’s start with this simple daily exercise …

What has life given me today? I deserve it or not.

What have been the three best moments of today?

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2. Separate the dust from the straw

Having a good life has to do with balance, with what you keep in your life, what you value, with knowing how to choose your battles and with your values. Happy people are, not because they have more than others, but because their attention is focused on what is important.

To find out if something is important,… ask yourself these questions:

Is this going to still be important tomorrow, next week, in a few months?

If it happened … would it change my life drastically?

Would you have solutions?

Another exercise you can do is have an anchor that connects you with what you want to focus on, and what you want to be aware of. Visualize what you want next to your anchor.

3. What makes us feel happy?

The 13 keys to being happy from Professor Tal Ben-Shahar:

  1. A good breakfast gives you the energy to think positively and have a good day.
  2. Perform 30 minutes of physical activity daily as an antidote to sadness and stress.
  3. Be thankful. Write ten things we are grateful for.
  4. Be assertive. When you relate to assertiveness, you gain security and self-esteem.
  5. Spending money on shopping does not bring happiness, but it does when you do it on living experiences.
  6. Stop procrastinating and act. Everything you leave for another time increases your discomfort and anxiety.
  7. Smile, be nice, say hello, be polite.
  8. Please wear comfortable shoes. According to the teacher, walking in uncomfortable shoes makes us angry.
  9. Take care of your body posture. Our posture informs the brain of how we feel. Take a confident posture.
  10. Listen to music
  11. Eat and eat healthy. What you eat is your energy, your gasoline.
  12. Dress up, feel attractive, like yourself.
  13. Keep a journal in which you paste, write, and collect beautiful memories.

4. Values ​​and consistency

What are the 5 values ​​that identify you, with which you lead your life?

Save what is written and ask three people who really know you to write to you the 5 values ​​with which they identify you. And then… compare.

5. Be yourself

To be ourselves, we have to lose the fear of what they will say, lose the fear of losing people who do not accept us as we are, and put limits on others’ demands and needs that we do not want to attend to.

Say no The more you say it, the sooner you will get into the habit. Start small.

In the face of criticism … do not ask for forgiveness if you disagree with it. “I understand your point of view, it is normal that we have different tastes, but I like my haircut.”

Before criticism … recognize the part of the reason. “Yes, it may be too short, but I love that I was daring to cut it like that.”

6. Find your purpose

Questions to help you find your purpose

When you have time, what do you do?

What do you flow with?

What does it cost you little to commit to?

What would you be proud of?

What kinds of activities make you happy / well-being?

What are the values ​​that you identify with? What can you do about these values?

What kind of people do you want to be?

What life do you want to have for yourself? And for yours?

If you find it difficult to design an ideal life … do it with just one day.


7. What are your talents?

Everyone, without any difference, ALL have various talents. We do them with such naturalness and ease that we do not value them. That is why we think that they are not talents.

What comes naturally to you? What do you flow with?

8. What would you do if you had more time?

Incorporate something small, something minimal, every week that you have yet to enjoy.

Set your goal on Sunday afternoon.

Find the gap, the day, and the time.

And it just starts. If not, now when?

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