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How to install vinyl plank flooring in bathrooms?

Vinyl plank flooring is one of the best floorings for bathrooms and kitchens. However, if you go with the new vinyl floor you need to prepare the subfloor. However, for installing the vinyl floors you don’t need any professionals.but this is only possible if you are a good DIYer. 

These floors are tough and resilient. Indeed this is an easy to clean option. Moreover, high durability, waterproofing, and sound absorbance are the other best options. Keep in mind, these floors vary in quality. For instance, you don’t need to buy an expensive option for bathrooms. 

However, the very first step is to choose the vinyl. So let’s dive deeper into the post.

 Choose the type of vinyl plank flooring 

It has different types of backing. They are felt or fiberglass. However, the felt has traditionally been the most popular type. But, fiberglass is the best option. Because it comes with great durability. Indeed they provide great cushioning. However, both types have printed layers. They have protective clear vinyl. Moreover, vinyl plank flooring is highly resistant to scratches. Well, scuffs are easily scratched. But, before making a final order, try to take proper measurements.  Else, you will damage them with the wrong measurements.

Prepare the subfloor

Keep in mind, the floor should be flat and smooth. Indeed, this is the only way to install it perfectly. As the existing floor needs to be removed first. So, in the process of removing it, the subfloor may get damaged. It can develop gouges and scratches.  No doubt the subfloor will be covered, but still, there are a lot of issues. Maybe there are some bumps that can cause the floor to damage.  Moreover, if you do not have proper prior knowledge, the situation gets worse. In such cases, you need to hire some professionals.

Take proper measurements

If the bathroom is large enough, you can use a paper template.  Because it can save both money and time.  Well, make sure that you have taken proper measurements. Also, make sure that the measurement is precise and accurate.  Moreover, carefully select the underlayers. For instance, an underlayer for plywood grade is smooth and provides soft installation.

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However, try to place the underlayer for at least three days before final processing. This is the perfect way to acclimatize them. Once they get adjusted to humidity and temperature, then you can install them.  If the underlayer is not ready, you will end up in the worst flooring ever in your home. 

Vinyl plank flooring installation in bathrooms 

Before final installation, read the following steps.

Clean the floor

  1. First of all, clean the floor. For this reason, you can use a  mop of vacuum.  Moreover, if there is any grease use some ammonia solution.

Prepare a template

  1. After cleaning the floor now it’s time to prepare a template. For this purpose, you can use felt. Because it is sturdy and durable. Moreover, it helps a lot in defining the shape. It is pliable and easy to work with. Keep in mind, felt comes in the form of wide rolls. Measure the width of the bathroom.

Now cut the paper a bit longer than this. Place the plank on the floor and cut it in the same way. Be careful. Trim the paper properly. Now one after one, take the proper measurements and cut the paper. Now it’s easy to cut the planks.

Cut the planks 

  1. As you are dealing with the bathroom,  you can decide the width of the plank accordingly.  However, a 6 feet width is enough to have a seamless and smooth floor. Vinyl plank flooring stores Keep in mind, the vinyl patterns are not affected by cutting. Carefully cut. Make sure if the pattern is in square form, you can add it along the walls. Always cut the vinyl with the help of a utility knife. Well, cut the plank a little wider.  No doubt it is easy to cut the floor, but once you have cut it wrong. There is no going back.

Apply adhesive 

  1. If you are using glue down vinyl, now it’s time to apply adhesives. Apply the glue to make sure that all the coats are uniform. You are not allowed to create glops.  You can use any role or other tool for this purpose.

Trim the floor 

  1. Now, it’s time to trim the floor. This is mainly for the edges. For this reason, you need a utility knife. You can also use a metal straight edge.  Cut it on the edges of the wall. Well, smooth edges make the floor incredible. Follow the trimming around the commode as well. 

Apply caulk

  1. In the end, apply the caulk. Make sure that you have properly added it around the edges. Moreover don’t forget to add it on the sides of the commode. It will help in having a perfect floor.


This is one of the easy guides to install vinyl plank flooring in the bathrooms. If you follow all these steps , you will end up having perfect flooring. Last but not least , these installation steps will help you in having a better floor that is more durable and long-lasting.

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