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How to Keep Dyed Hair Healthy? – Best Way to Take Care of Your Hair

There are many reasons why your hair may fall out. Read about “How to Keep Dyed Hair Healthy” in details thats important for everyone.


Hair is an integral part of the human body. Many of us keep our hair short or extended according to our choice. But now, hair loss from the head has become a daily companion. Hair loss is a severe problem for people of all ages. This is a significant concern if the hair associated with your body’s beauty is slowly declining

There are many reasons why your hair may fall out. It could be for your age or your hereditary or malnutrition, dandruff, etc. Nowadays, hair coloring has become a fashion. People who want to change their hairstyle usually use hair color. But this later became a problem. This is because coloring the hair damages and fades the hair. Healthy hair, shiny hair, vibrant hair or curly hair is the primary basis for making your hair look beautiful.

Moreover, we often color our hair to enhance the beauty of our hair. However, many times hair can fall out to color the hair. In this article, you will find a beautiful guideline on how to take care of your colored hair.

Treating for Colored Hair:

It’s a common question; can hair dye cause hair loss? Yes, hair dye causes hair loss. The radiance of freshly dyed hair is fantastic. Rich and profound shades and bright shine enchant the eye. But, with the help of special care, you can preserve this beauty for a longer time. A special rinse for colored hair keeps the coloring pigment in the hair longer and protects it from UV rays. Artificial coloring pigments have a peculiarity: they are washed out of the hair relatively quickly. This applies to tint conditioners, unstable and even permanent dyes. However, with more intense staining or staining with durable paint, the stains get inside the hair. So, naturally, in this case, the shades last longer.

Proper care of colored hair increases the retention time of the coloring pigments. Therefore, in addition to a very mild shampoo that helps preserve color, you must use a special rinse for colored hair.

Conditioners for Light Dyed Hair:

Hair dyed in a light color needs special care more than just dyed, especially if it has become several shades more lightweight than its natural color. Such intense lightening or bleaching of the hair requires removing the coloring pigment from the hair shaft. During this process, they need to be made porous to dyes. Of course, some rinses can help you in the subsequent repair of hair damage caused by bleaching. A special conditioner for blonde hair coats it with luminous golden pigment particles without a yellowish tint. Liquid components such as keratin are added to the rinse aid to repair damaged structures and fill cavities and weak spots after discoloration. As a result, we get silky rather than dull and brittle colored hair. Caring for dyed blonde hair requires special attention; you cannot do without a special rinse.

Reasons for Hair Losing:

The causes of hair loss can be divided into two main factors: internal factors, which is uncontrollable. Next are external factors—caused by the surrounding environment to the actions on the hair daily you can take external factors to care of to reduce the cause of hair loss.

  1. Hereditary: Heredity is one of the causes of hair loss, mainly seen in men. This is because men are sensitive to the adrenergic hormone, and the hair is longer than usual. Hereditary hair loss decline symptoms appear gradually from 18 years, and the amount of hair loss reduction also increases with age.
  2. Hormonal abnormalities: Hormones are an essential part of the hair system. Especially for hair growth, two hormones stimulate hair growth from food transport which is considered the leading cause of hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is a part of testosterone. The job of this hormone is to stimulate fat. It prevents dryness and cracking, and when DHT is in the hair, it makes the hair shiny. However, if too much DHT is trapped in the cells, it can speed up the life cycle of the hair and cause the hair to grow faster. Later the hair becomes shorter, and eventually, the hair falls out. Hope you love reading about “How to Keep Dyed Hair Healthy”

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