Before understanding how to learn English quickly and effectively, you must already know what English you are learning. English is spoken in many countries. While one can easily decide to learn Australian or Canadian English for work or travel, most of the time, the choice is between American English and British English.These two dialects are similar, but there are several variations: the accent, of course, but also differences at the lexical, grammatical and spelling levels. British English, for example, uses fewer contractions.Your choice will be based on your goal or the teacher you choose. You should know that, while American English is easier to learn and more widely used in the business world, TOEFL-type certifications are based on British English.

Watch videos in english:

Even if you don’t understand anything at first, force yourself to watch movies, Youtube videos in English. The benefit is getting your ear used to foreign sounds, which will ultimately help you assimilate the language. For this reason, parents of young children are often advised to let them watch television but in a foreign language.

Consult grammar cards:

The advantage of English is that it is a fairly easy language for a beginner to understand. Wall Street English provides you with grammar sheets that cover the most important points in English.

Learn vocabulary:

When you decide to learn English on your own, you can’t say it enough; you must submit to strict discipline to learn the language and not waste your time. It is therefore important to set many words to learn over a given period. For example: decide that you will learn ten words per week or two words per day.

Exercise online:

Learning concepts on your own is one thing. Knowing how to use them is another. It is important to do English exercises every day to consolidate your skills. This is the only way to make sure that you have correctly retained the concepts that you have learned on your own.

Motivate yourself to learn on your own:

Knowing your goals, your level and having an idea of ​​the best way to learn English for you, all of this already gives you a lot of motivation. But learning a language independently requires consistency and regularity, and it is not always easy. The spell zone is a good platform in which you can practice and learn english.To not lose motivation, please don’t overdo it all at once, but rather spread out your classes to do a little bit each day.  The best way to learn a language is to practice it for at least 10 minutes a day. Also, vary your media and learning methods: books, videos, films, series, audio media, games and applications, private lessons or applications. You are spoiling for choice.Finally, learning on your own is not just sticking around. With a foreign correspondent or a private teacher, you will have the opportunity to discuss English with a native, an essential point for progress.

Master English pronunciation:

Pronunciation is an essential step in making progress in English and in being understand orally. If you want to learn English quickly and easily, it is better not to forget the phonetics step. Start by learning how to speak each letter of the alphabet to build a good foundation and not be afraid of phonetic symbols. Knowing them will then make it easier for you to read the combination of several letters. You can visit a spelling website for testing your vocabulary and English.If you want to go further, focus on the phonemes that will allow you to read all the combinations and sounds: the phoneme [ʊ] represents, for example, the sound “or” found in the word [gʊd], “g oo d”. Conversely, the symbol [ɔ:] is pronounced “oo” as in the word [dɔ: r] or “d oo r”.

Develop your vocabulary:

It’s good to express yourself, but you still have to find your words! Throughout your English learning journey, you will learn and can also do vocabulary test, even at a professional level. It is he who will help you enrich your expression and improve your written and oral comprehension. You learn vocabulary during your lessons, your reading, you’re listening. Record new words learned on cards or a notebook for review later.Some websites and applications also allow you to review vocabulary daily in games for a few minutes a day. If you aim for the main goal, you can target certain themes and learn your vocabulary intelligently.


While everyone has their motivations for learning a new language. English has the particularity of being an indispensable language. It is estimated that nearly 2 billion people speak English in the world.  Speaking English is almost essential for travelling, even if the language is not speeks in all world countries.  The language of the web: English is predominantly online. Understanding English also means having access to a lot of information without translating it and watching current films and series in their original version.


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