Complete Guide for Beginner to help understand the Process of login to Router

How to Log in to Any Router

To gain access to your ADSL router, the IP address to be used is Read step by step guide that can help you Log in any Router.

Introduction To gain access to your ADSL router, the IP address to be used is There are many advantages of this IP address, but one of the most important features is the IP address that can give you direct access to your router without resorting to any wire. The IP address can do that.

How to log in to

The login procedure is extremely simple. A series of steps can help you log in to To do that, the user needs to enter or duplicate into the web browser URL bar or address bar and press enter. The address can be typed in manually or can be copied.

The interface or the system will load up a page where you will be prompted to enter the username and the password. Doing this will gain you direct access to the router and the control panel as well. Then you can make changes to the network according to your preference.

How to Login any Router? Answer to Some Important Questions

Default router username and password list :

A list of pre-set usernames and passwords for routers and models are available today, and in case a user doesn’t know his or her username and password, they can refer to this list.

What to do if the password entered is wrong?

Entering a wrong password is equivalent to entering the wrong credentials, and that may deny you from accessing the router and its control panel. The entire system needs to be reset to factory settings to enter the password again and gain access to the router. The reset button needs to be pressed for about 10-15 seconds to reset the router. Once the system has been reset, you can enter the password and other information afresh. You will be able to gain access to the router.

What to do if you don’t know the password?

The default password will be at the back of the router. You can use this to gain access to the router. A set of default passwords for the modems and the models are available online. You can use those as well if the password hasn’t been changed, in which case there is an entirely different set of steps.

What to do if the router administration interface can not be seen?

If the manufacturers have configured the router to use a different IP address than, you can not find the router administration interface at In case you are using a Wi-Fi connection and connecting the router to that, then there is an alternative fix. You can try switching to a wired connection for a while to check whether there are connectivity problems or not. This will help you find out where the problem is.

Step by Step Guide for Configuring the Wi-Fi Range Extender

Overall, it is safe to say that setting up your router using to access the ADSL modem will be easy enough. It is highly unlikely that the user will face any inconvenience or trouble while setting up the network.

It infers your router is administrator board administration address. Nowadays, all associations involved with gathering devices in light of a legitimate concern for the framework to manage programming presents. With the item’s help application by methods for a web association, remembering the true objective to the issues’ lion’s share can be entered easily, and setup settings can be refined.

What is conceivable with

Entering IP, you get full approval. Presently you can make any adjustments in the router’s settings.

In the wake of logging the IP address, framework administration, security decisions, DNS, IP Qos, Proxy, WAN, WLAN settings, LAN, DSL, DHCP client, PPPOE, WPS, and DSL, MAC, you can play out all the diverse changes and block.

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