How to Make the Best Rangoli Design?

The rangoli design can be found on popular wedding websites and many other creative pages. Read how to Make Best Rangoli Designs?


You’ll find uncountable resources on the internet, that is going to act handy for options in rangoli design and other associated rangoli inspirations. What stays extremely unnoticed and indifferent, is how to execute or perfect those designs at the end. No this isn’t really a full fledged rangoli design tutorial, instead of that it is about how to make it look perfect. 

Choose a design of your choice

 The first and foremost thing that has to be done, is choosing any particular design that you’ll furthur execute on the big day. The rangoli design can be found on popular wedding websites, and many other creative pages. 

Certain creative websites that will provide you with ample names and designs that are easily executed. Even beginners can try making such rangoli designs with some amount of help from the internet. 

Select colours and choose Rangoli design

Essentially, the colours play a big role in any kind of rangoli design. Here. each colour adds further beauty into the additional knocks and corners of the overall pattern. The colour pattern is really crucial for highlighting any kind of basic rangoli design. 

Yellow, green, blue, red, orange, white, indigo and even black sand is used in developing the rangoli design. The ultimate thing that you should do, is divide colours according to the design necessity. 

Outline the rangoli design

As designers, and artists you will have to have an outline idea about the rangoli design. For example, if it is a rangoli design then for a peakon or a lotus flower. Then you’ve to outline the peacock image on the ground, before filling the actual colours into the design. 

Fill the safest colours first

You’ve to fill the first colours that do not need to get into other colors. Like fill the colour green, blue, red, white, and yellow the primary colours of the rangoli design. Then fill the colours that are not going to get into other colours, like orange, pink, sky blue, black violet and others. 

Use external items to outline the sand

To make a circle in the rangoli designs, you can just use a bowl or a container to make a round circle. For a square or a rectangle, use a box shaped container or even a ruler. The ruler is extremely useful, for creating a shape around the rangoli design. 

Even spoons, and other things would come handy for creating a fabulous rangoli design. Do not forget to shape the edges, because that accentuates the beauty of rangoli designs. The most valuable information that you’ll get is, if you incorporate the right colours that fit each other. 

Shape out for the final perfection

Use gadgets, and tools to perfect the final rangoli design. Tools like a spoon, mug, bowl, comb, hanger, and even a ruler would come really handy. The hanger helps in creating a triangular outline for the rangoli design. 

The design is really important, and the final touch is extremely important for perfecting any rangoli design. Combining the needs to any design, will bring the matured effect of lines and patterns into the rangoli design. 

The rangoli designs finally is as pretty as you wanted it to be. Finally it is just a household rangoli, so don’t be under the super pressure. Let it be the way you want it to be, and concentrate on the exterior design, instead of making it look like the best rangoli designs. The choice of your rangoli design is entirely up to you, but the final thing lies in how you’re executing the final rangoli for the occasion. 

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