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How To Optimize Refrigeration?

An interesting fact about commercial refrigeration is that as much as 60% of all the operating costs of the facility can be attributed to refrigeration. That makes refrigeration optimization and efficiency a top priority for all your commercial customers. First, you should inform your customers of the importance of more efficient refrigeration and advise them to incorporate all of the most modern solutions designed to optimize their refrigeration. Commercial fridge repair is very important for your refrigeration to maintain your fridge to avoid food warm, or frozen food defrosting.

Second, you and your engineers should not focus on optimizing individual components of commercial refrigeration, but rather adopt a holistic approach that encompasses the entire system and ensures better performance across all the vital components. Also, know that the optimization of commercial refrigeration begins during the very first stages of system design and continues throughout the entire process. Also, natural refrigerants are an important factor to consider in refrigeration system design.

How To Optimize Refrigeration?

Your customers and their entire team of employees work very hard on satisfying customers, improving operational efficiency, and keeping other various costs low. However, all that can amount to little if they do not do their best to optimize refrigeration. Sometimes, it is possible to make existing systems more efficient by incorporating modern components. 

However, to ensure maximum efficiency, a refrigeration system has to be designed and installed with maximum efficiency in mind, depending on the underlying operational purpose. Such a refrigeration system will make a significant difference for your customer’s bottom line. It all begins way before even the installation of the equipment – with the design. 


The first and vital step in ensuring your clients get the most efficient refrigeration system possible is to adequately design the system around their particular needs. This is especially true for convenience stores, supermarkets, and mixed-retail shopping centers. First, you should keep the capacity of the system in mind, and then you should select an adequate control strategy that will offer years of effectiveness and efficiency. 


When the system is well-designed to meet your customer’s industry-specific requirements, it’s time for the installation of the system. First – envision and carry out adequate and timely project management to ensure minimum downtime for your client. Then, plan out the entire process of the installation to ensure maximum speed of the process. Finally, perform the installation in an organized and timely manner for maximum customer satisfaction. 


Setting up the refrigeration system for efficient operation is one of the most important parts of ensuring the proper optimization of the entire system. You should start by consulting with your customers about their needs and determine the system load from their information. 

Then, incorporate all of the equipment and account for the potential changes and additions. Finally, set up adequate facility supervision so that both you and the customer can keep monitoring the functioning of the system and make changes if necessary. 


You should also think about installing additional equipment and components that will ensure adequate preventive maintenance for lower servicing costs and an overall better-optimized system. Some of these components are: 

  • Adequate alarm management
  • ProAct™ preventive maintenance services
  • Compressor diagnostic equipment

Additional considerations

Finally, there are some additional considerations you should bear in mind to give your customers the most efficient and well-optimized refrigeration system: 

  • Optimize settings: Bear in mind that the suction pressure should be as high as possible while being able to maintain the desired temperature, while the condensing pressure should be low.
  • Size the compressor: Make sure to choose a compressor that is just the right size for ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Floating heads: You can use floating heads for maintaining excellent temperatures for both the condenser and the compressor operations.
  • Variable-frequency drives: Applying VFDs on screw compressors and condenser motors will also improve the overall system efficiency.

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