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How to Optimize Your eCommerce Website for Better User experience

The era of e-commerce has come. And over 50 % of individuals tend to purchase online these days currently, as e-commerce transactions have been increasing every year.  Although all of the internet activity, almost half of American smaller firms do not have their own site. Especially whenever they do, the overall experience of working on several sites is always at best disappointing. Inability to satisfy expectations online is a missed opportunity as well as a fairly long potential liability. Each and every business that wishes to succeed or even just stay in business must make an appropriate positive impression online, which necessitates a focused knowledge about customer perception.

Why is the ecommerce User Experience important?

The supreme leader is indeed the customer, and if the king isn’t happy with your service, you won’t make any money. This is true of all online retailers. Customers will leave all your websites if they have a negative user experience; in fact, many users are much less willing to return just after having a bad online experience. However, providing a positive customer experience will gain your consumer loyalty, enhance conversion rates, and inspire people to pay extra time and money on your own items.

The user experience cannot be improved unless paid attention to it. Alternatively, companies should evaluate their e-commerce sites’ current strengths and problems and implement the changes that actually matter very much to today’s current consumers. Here’s what to do for your site:

Customers Should Be Heard

Listening to the users who engage with your online store is the first step toward enhancing your UX. They may be able to provide you with more information than the individuals who operate your website.

Read and understand both pleasant and bad comments and immediately respond to their problems with a viable solution. You can utilize the evaluation form to learn more about how your clients interact with your website.

Make a Website That Is Responsive to Mobile Devices

All of the major eCommerce sites have mostly released smartphone applications and optimized their websites for frequent mobile using communities.

One major aspect to know is that once a site doesn’t seem to be mobile-friendly, mobile phone users seem to be significantly more likely to quit using it. This denotes the influence of mobile over the lives of people across the globe. It is indeed very important to make a website that is mobile-friendly because it will expand your core audience and, consequently, enhance your revenues. You are advised to use plugins that are mobile-friendly so that customers can take advantage of all of your online store’s capabilities.

Make sure that your website takes less time to load

One of the most compelling reasons for individuals to shop online is the fact that they don’t have to wait in line to buy something or pay for the things in their cart. Time is of the essence when it comes to online purchasing.

But what if it takes an extended period of time for your eCommerce website to load?

The vast majority of visitors will leave your online store right away, never to return. So, to prevent this from happening it is better to check and test the speed of your website. If it takes a lot of time to load then it is high time that you should think to optimize its speed. You can also enhance the loading of your site by checking the picture size that you have uploaded. Try not to upload big images.

The other things that may help you in increasing the page loading speed are updating the domain and removal extra plugins that might be affecting the workability of your site.

Build customer loyalty by rewarding them

Who doesn’t like to be awarded, rewarded, or praised? Everyone does. It is to be noted that every individual who receives a personalized discount or award for visiting the site or making a purchase is more likely to repeat the buying process.

So make sure that you offer discounts and rewards to your new as well as your old and loyal customers because they will ultimately help to increase the reputation of your brand or product that you are offering in the market. You can arrange a small giveaway for your loyal customers in which you can give one of your premium products. This will help you to establish your imprint on the minds of the customers and they will be promoting your brand and site by themselves.

Add an attractive and eye catching description of the product

People when visiting any website or online store, they look for the product specs. They actually want to know the details because they want to know how much you own your product. It is said that people perceive from their eyes first and then they make any purchase decision.

This is why you will have to add a unique yet true product description that should be written entirely by you and should not be copied from some other place. You may attract customers to your site by writing a product story or telling them how it evolved.

Have a perfect website design

As stated before, things that attract us upon seeing them are the ones that are likely to be purchased. So, make sure that your website should be beautiful not only in terms of appearance but in terms of the arrangement of products as well. A visitor should be able to easily find out the product that he is searching for without any extra navigation from one page to another.

Choose such a theme that solves all your display probabilities and helps you in converting the visitors into customers.

Add “How to use” videos

There might be that you are selling such a product that is innovative and might be difficult to use and operate. So to make it easy for the customers, you can add a short tutorial video in the description so that the customers may know the exact way to use your product. This will also speak of the quality of your product. A purchase would be definitely made if the demonstration is done by a general buyer and not a paid imposter.

Payment gateways variety

Make sure to add numerous payment gateways for the customers because many of the people leave their full shopping cart abandoned just because they are unable to find a suitable payment method.

Make the checkout process easy

A difficult checkout process may lead to cart abandonment and that means loss of sales. To prevent that from happening, reduce the number of steps that may lead your customer to the checkout and payment method. Make it simple and easy to follow.


By following the above-stated measure, you can increase the volume of your sales and make sure that many people purchase your products. For more assistance in this regard, you can take help from Shopify Pro which is the best Shopify marketing agency and has a huge experience in customer conversion.

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