How to Secure Your Email Address in an Easy Way?

The internet is rushing through the world non-stop, without taking a break. And under these circumstances, it is very important to mend your ways and try to use the browsers in a smart way, without getting your email hacked. In this world, you should be smart to step into the internet world, with the utmost account security.

These days due to a boom in internet media, security concerns have been raised. To avoid any future mishaps, let’s see how to secure your email, just scroll down the screen.

How to Secure Your Email?

1. Choose a Secure Email Service Provider 

Always decide on using a known and safe service provider for your emails, as everything can be accessed through your emails these days. You can use popular service providers, like- Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and much more. 

2. Set up a Usual Email Address 

Make sure to set up your email address with a basic username. So that no one finds it suspicious or unique and it will get lost in those million users, avoiding any troubles. 

3. Set up a Hard to Crack Password 

Make sure that you set up a hard password, that I can easily remember. Or write it down somewhere, but try to make it a little unique, so that it can not be tracked. 

4. Enable Two-step Verification 

You should always enable the two-step verification in your email accounts, so that you get notified if anyone except you tried to login your email account. 

5. Check Security Updates and Settings 

Make sure that you are updated and check your security settings for email every now and then for extra protection.

Now, after going through the security solutions, let’s see about some precautions that you can take to protect your email.

Ways to Secure Your Email Address:

1. Use Safe Devices to Log in 

Keep in mind to use safety devices that are virus-free, so that you do not indulge in any suspicious activity or do not end up with cyber crimes, like- data leakage, bugs, malware, etc.

2. Always Log out When your Email is not in Use

You should try to avoid using or signing in your email on any other device anyways, but if you do so, keep in mind to log out your email immediately when you are done with your work.

3. Do not Save Email Passwords on Other Devices

Try your best not to save your email passwords in your account, only save it if you have a private device and if you forget the passwords often due to many accounts. And if you are using your account on any other device, that does not belong to you. Make sure you do not save the password.  As it can give them access to your account.

4. Do not Share Your Email Details with Anyone 

Always make sure to keep your email address private, your email account can easily become public from a private one, where you can go through data leakage and someone will be able to invade your privacy or can try doing the same by hacking your account. Use this method to secure your email account from hackers.

5. Do not Click on Unknown or Suspicious Links 

While using the email services, there might be times when you’re going through certain pop-ups or ads or any links. If that happens, do not click any of these links as it can harm your device and the account that you are logged in with, on that device.

In case you have any further queries related to your email account privacy to security, feel free to click on this website- Emailpedia, and you will find all the relevant information.

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