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How to solve QuickBooks Update Error 15106?

Recently the most asked question regarding the QuickBooks is how to solve the QB Update Error 15106? This error has troubled users the most. Due to the appearance of 15106 Error, the users face massive time brunch.

If you’re among the users who face this same issue, then this comprehensive post will help you treat the QuickBooks Update 15106 Error once for all.

However, prior to jumping into the solutions part, users must understand the causes for the 15106 Error. As it will prevent the reappearance of this error. So, let’s begin.

QuickBooks 15106 Error: Reasons For Its Appearance

The QuickBooks 15106 error can appear due to different reasons. It usually occurs, when users try to update their QuickBooks or Payroll.

If an error displays on your screen stating 15106 Error then you’re facing the QB Error 15125. Some factors that contribute to the occurrence of Quickbooks error 15106 are: 

  • The first reason causing the QB update error 15106 is when users don’t have the authority or full access to the system and they try to update the QB payroll/desktop.
  • There are several QB-related components that offer stability and ensure the proper functionality of the software. A damaged component leads to QB error 15106.
  • When the User Account Control “UAC” is set up as highly restrictive, it causes interference between QuickBooks and your Desktop. Resulting in QB Error.
  • In case you’ve installed an ant-virus that flags the QuickBooks as malicious, it may quarantine some of the QB-related installation files.

Best 4 Solutions For The QuickBooks Update Error 15106

We believe that after understanding the causes for QB update error 15106, you can easily apply the solution best meant for you.

However, if you’re still confused to apply a certain solution then it is recommended to apply these solutions chronologically for proper QuickBooks update Error 15106 fix.

Solution 1: Reboot Your System

Your system might be facing any technical glitches or bugs. Rebooting the system will kick any technical fault or issue including the QB error 15106. Moreover, it is always recommended to reboot the system before applying any solutions. Steps to reboot the system are very straightforward. Follow:

  • Click on “Start”.
  • Choose the “Power” icon from the “Start” bar.
  • Select “Restart”.

Thereafter, recheck the error and then you should follow the next solutions.

Solution 2: Ensuring Admin Rights For Full Access

After Restarting the PC, you are required to use the admin rights. As it’ll ensure that you gain full access to make any further changes for treating the QB 15106 Error.

  • At first, hold the “Win” + “R” key simultaneously.
  • Thereafter, a “Run” dialog box will be seen on the screen.
  • Input “Control Panel”.
  • After that Hit “Ok”.
  • Visit “User Accounts”.
  • Click “User Accounts”.
  • Verify the name written along with the “User Accounts”.
  • In the case of having administrative rights, there’ll be mentioned “Administrator” beneath the name.
  • Or else, you must use admin rights before signing in on the PC.

Solution 3: Disable Antivirus Before Renaming The QuickBooks Folder

After successfully gaining administrative rights, users must disable the antivirus before renaming the QuickBooks Folder.

Since the antivirus may flag QuickBooks as malware, resulting in several other errors such as the QuickBooks Error #15215 and disabling the antivirus prior to rename the QuickBooks folder will help solve this issue. Therefore, follow:

  • Exit your “QuickBooks”.
  • After that, Hold “Win+R”.
  • Next, type “Task Manager”.
  • After the task manager launches, search for the tab “Processes”.
  • Now, search the antivirus installed on your system from this list having .exe in the last.
  • You are required to disable it by clicking right on it then selecting “End Process”.

Now the Antivirus is successfully disabled, rename the folder of QuickBooks update by:

  • At first, Visit “My Computer”.
  • Then locate and open the “C: Drive” that stores important files.
  • Search for “Program Files” if you’re on the 32-bit or else “Program Files(X86).
  • Now, you’ll see the folder named “Intuit”, open it.
  • Thereafter, double-click on the “QuickBooks” Folder.
  • Open “Components”.
  • Afterward, locate the folder named “DownloadQBXXXX” (X denotes the QB version).
  • Rename it by clicking right on it then selecting “Rename”.
  • Now, careful add (.OLD) excluding brackets after the file name.
  • Finally, hit “Enter” and redownload the payroll/desktop update again.

At events, this solution is not effective for you, try disabling the UAC by following the next solution.

Solution 4: Disable UAC

Disabling the User account control requires the following steps:

  • At first, hold “Win+R” together.
  • Type “Control Panel”.
  • Press “Ok”.
  • Thereafter, look for “System and Security”.
  • Select “Security Maintenance”.
  • Hit “User Accounts”.
  • Click “Change Users-Account”.
  • Next, you must hit “Yes” and choose the option “Never Notify”.
  • Now, hit “Ok” and do a system reboot.

Now try to update the QB desktop or payroll again. The QuickBooks update Error 15106 will be successfully resolved now.

Wrapping Up

We believe these solutions will definitely aid you in resolving the QuickBooks Update Error 15106. The solutions mentioned in this post are reliable and tested by our experts. In case of any other QB-related issues, you can always check our other QB-related posts.

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