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How to Start Your Own Commercial Cleaning Company?

Did you know that there’s been an increase in need for commercial cleaners since the pandemic began? If you want some business advice on starting a commercial cleaning company, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over commercial cleaning businesses and how to start your own.

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Develop a Business Plan

To make sure you have a successful business, create a plan. Your business plan should include a few essential details.

List your company’s information. The information should include your business name, contact information, and operating hours.

Make sure the business name hasn’t been claimed in your area. You won’t be able to get a business license with the name if it’s already taken.

When will you plan to work? Will you change the hours as you grow as a business? Also, in commercial cleaning, clients look for evening and daytime cleanings.

Some people will want a commercial cleaner during the day. Others will want the business to get cleaned after the store closes. You should explain when you will work so that you can find the right clients.

Who Is Your Target Market?

When thinking about your business, you should consider your audience. Is there a particular area that you would like to market and find clients? Perhaps in the covid and post covid periods you can start looking for people who want to disinfect their office, just to be sure everyone is safe. You can tell them; that getting your office space disinfected is essential and keeping it clean after is paramount to maintaining a safe working area.

Some people will take on large contracts with bigger buildings. Other companies prefer to focus on small commercial businesses. You might want to specialize in cleaning beauty salons or barbershops.

Think about your target market, and figure out your specialty. You will have an easier time when it comes to marketing when you know your audience.

Business Expenses

How much will it cost to cover cleaning supplies and transportation to clients? Don’t forget about a business license and insurance. Will you hire employees and spend money on advertising and marketing?

If you focus on large commercial buildings, you will need to hire more staff. This way, you can finish the cleaning job in a reasonable time frame. Make sure you choose a higher estimate compared to a low one.

Get Insurance and a License

You’ll have to register your business through the local government.

Before filling out the application to get a business license, research first. There will be different requirements for registering your business, depending on your state.

Check out the Small Business Administration’s Licenses and Permits. Find this on your local government’s site. You will know what fee to expect, what permits you’ll need, and if you need insurance first.

Shop for Cleaning Tools and Supplies

In the beginning, pick up the essential items you need. As your business grows, you will pick up other cleaning supplies that you need.

You should pick up a broom, glass cleaner, sponges, bucket, cloths, vacuum, and gloves.

You want to keep all your supplies in a caddy. Invest in cleaning brushes, a floor cleaner, and an industrial floor buffer. You could look at getting secondhand equipment. Check out this buyers guide.

Your cleaning supplies will need to get replenished often. You should add these items and their expenses to your business plan.

What’s Your Marketing Plan?

Get a website built for your company. Your goal should be to get more traffic to your website. You want your business to get in front of potential clients.

You can also create social media accounts and market your business there. In addition, generate or avail a cleaning service software that would take care of booking and scheduling your commercial cleaners and offer better customer service.

Print off some flyers detailing your services, contact information, and your business name. Consider going to local restaurants or cafes. Ask if you can leave behind a flyer there.

Find Clients

You should focus on getting new clients at the beginning. It’s challenging to show potential clients examples of your work. Most clients will want a reference before they sign a contract.

If you do get a client, ask them to write a review. You could also ask if you can pass on their contact information to interested clients.

A lot of people tend to get new clients through a current job. Work hard to establish strong business relationships with current clients.

Your current client might end up referring you to a friend or colleague. You can build your business off of these referrals.

Some people will join a networking group. A networking group gives new business people a chance to interact with like-minded individuals. You can get support and invaluable information from business owners.

Consider asking your family and friends to share the news about your new business, as well.

Get an Accountant

For a new company to be a success, getting the finances organized is essential. If you end up getting in the negative, your company won’t survive.

Make sure you hire an accountant at some point. Look for a trustworthy accountant who will help you thrive.

Create a Schedule

You should start to think about a cleaning schedule after you have signed a few clients. Make sure you organize your clients and their cleaning jobs. Most of the time, clients will want you to come during a consistent schedule.

Create a schedule for your company so you can make sure you get the different jobs done.

Now You Know How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Company

We hope this guide on starting a commercial cleaning company was helpful. Start working on your business plan. Consider your target audience and what your budget will be at the beginning. Create a marketing plan, and build a company website.

Are you looking for more business tips? Check out our resources on the blog.

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