How to Stop Nose Burning

How to Stop Nose Burning

The burning sensation in the nasal area could be a result from an allergy, infection reaction, or other cause of irritation. The person might be afflicted with burning, irritation or itching sensations in the throat, eyes, or sinuses.

This article will will explore the reasons behind burning sensations that occur on the nasal area, as well as the treatment options and symptoms. We also discuss ways to reduce irritation.


A burning sensation that occurs in the nose can be due to irritation or inflammation caused by an allergic reaction.

Allergy Rhinitis

“Rhinitis” refers to inflammation in the nose. If someone suffers from allergic rhinitis the immune system misinterprets the harmless substance, like pollen or dust, as a threat. It then is able to attack it, causing the inflammation.

Allergy rhinitis is a common occurrence and affects 10-30 percent of the population worldwide.

If the allergen that triggers the reaction is pollen or another that is seasonal The doctor can be able to diagnose seasonal allergic rhinitis also known as hay fever.

The signs of hay fever may be:

A burning or itchy sensation in the mouth, nose or throat

a stuffy nose


eyes and noses that are irritated

Dark circles under the eyes


postnasal drip that can lead to frequent throat clearing

The most effective way to alleviate symptoms of allergic rhinitis is to be aware of the allergen. For instance, people who suffer from pollen allergies might want to be restricted from outdoor activities on days that have high levels of pollen.

Antihistamines over the counter and nasal corticosteroids may assist in relieving symptoms.

Another option is to try allergy immunotherapy which involves exposing the patient to small amounts of the allergen “teaching” their immune system not to respond to it. For the patient who is allergic, this could mean putting an oral tablet each day , or getting regular injections.

Nonallergic rhinoitis

About 1 in 3 cases of rhinitis is not caused by an allergic reaction.

In this instance this condition, it is known as nonallergic rhinitis. It can affect adults, and causes symptoms throughout the through the year, which includes:


A nose that is runny

a stuffy nose

postnasal drip

an intense burning sensation that occurs in the nose

Contrary to allergic rhinitis problem usually doesn’t cause itchiness or signs that cause irritation to the throat or eyes.

A person suffering from nonallergic rhinitis could be sensitive to pollution from the air, certain chemicals or odors, as well as changes in weather. Certain medicines and health conditions like viral infections could cause irritation in the nose.

The elimination of triggers can help alleviate itchy rhinitis that is not allergic. Although there isn’t a cure but nasal sprays with saline or rinses with medicated ingredients can reduce inflammation.


Sinusitis is a condition that affects the sinuses. The sinuses are tiny unfilled spaces between the forehead and cheeks. Sinusitis can be the result of the presence of a bacterial or viral infection.

Sinusitis symptoms include:

a stuffy or runny nose

discomfort in the cheeks as well as forehead


A sore throat

mucus drips down the throat

A cough

A fever

The majority of sinusitis cases result from viral infections that tend to disappear completely without treatment. If the cause is bacterial, your doctor might prescribe antibiotics.

Cold virus

Around 1 billion colds happen throughout the United States each year -many of which are triggered due to rhinovirus infection. The symptoms can include:

A sore throat

A nose that is stuffy or runny that can trigger an uncomfortable burning sensation

A cough


Body aches

loss of taste and smell

A fever

Typically, cold symptoms are not treated however certain remedies and medications help ease symptoms. For instance, decongestants can aid in clearing a stuffy nose.


Influenza also known as”flu,” is a common respiratory tract disease. Influenza can trigger moderate to extreme symptoms, which include:



Body aches

A cough

A sore throat

A fever

a stuffy or runny nose, often with an intense burning sensation

Many people also suffer from diarrhea and vomiting. The symptoms of influenza usually appear suddenly.

Most people heal with no medical intervention, but certain groups are at greater risk of developing the condition and require additional treatment and protection, such as:

adults over 65

pregnant women

children younger than 5 years of age

patients with chronic health issues

Find out more about symptoms of the flu as well as treatment and strategies for prevention.

Others respiratory diseases

The infection may develop in any area in the respiratory tract including the throat, nose and the lungs. Coronaviruses like SARS-CoV-2, can be responsible.

SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that is responsible for COVID-19. The symptoms of COVID-19 could include:

A fever

A cough



Body aches and headaches

loss of smell or taste

A sore throat

A stuffy or runny nose that could result in a burning feeling

nausea or vomiting



Do we have any link with a burning sensation within the nostril and COVID-19?


The symptoms for sinuses and nasal congestion of COVID-19 tend to be similar to any other respiratory tract infections of the upper respiratory system. It could be accompanied by burning of the nasal area in accordance with anecdotal accounts in medical literature as well as the media.

– Marc Meth, MD, FACAAI, FAAAI

Answers reflect the views of our medical professionals. All information is strictly for informational purposes and is not to be taken as medical advice.

Anyone who suspects COVID-19 is present should consult the healthcare provider via phone, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Could it be an indication of stroke?

A burning sensation that occurs in the nose isn’t an indication of a stroke. The signs of a stroke are:

The face may feel numb for a short time or legs particularly at one end of the body

difficulties seeing with either or both eyes

problems walking

an imbalance or loss of coordination

A severe headache that is severe

trouble speaking or understanding speech

If you notice one of the symptoms listed above, contact 911 immediately.

Home remedies

Home remedies are not able to treat an allergic response, however, they may reduce the symptoms and ease discomfort.

To treat a viral infection, like a cold, or flu, an individual may:

take a breath of steam from a hot tub or a bowl of extremely hot water, to relieve congestion.

Drink plenty of fluids to replenish the fluids you’ve lost through diarrhea or vomiting.

Get plenty of rest

If your nose is constantly irritated or has inflammation, you might want to try saline nasal sprays or rinses.

Additionally, increasing the moisture content of the air using humidifiers could ease breathing and decrease discomfort.

When should you visit a doctor

Anyone who experiences extreme or sudden symptoms should seek medical attention.

If a physician determines that a burning sensation within the nose is due to an infection with bacteria and prescribes antibiotics. A doctor may also carry out allergy tests prior to diagnosing allergic rhinitis.

If someone might be suffering from COVID-19, they should contact the doctor to determine if it’s safe to go to the office, clinic, or even a hospital. If a physician believes COVID-19 is present they will provide advice on what next steps to take.


The burning sensation felt in the nose could be caused by irritation or inflammation brought on by an allergy or an infection reaction.

The sensation may be slight and disappear after the infection is gone or the reaction lessens. While you wait, over-the-counter medicines and nasal sprays can aid in relieving the burning sensation, as well as other signs.

If someone suspects COVID-19 may be present it is recommended to stay at home and contact their physician.

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