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How to Use Brake Cleaner? Can I Use it Without Removing the Tire?

Brake cleaner is a product dedicated to the maintenance and cleaning of your vehicle’s brake system. Read about “How to Use Brake Cleaner”.


Brake cleaner is a product dedicated to the maintenance and complete cleaning of your vehicle’s brake system. To ensure your safety, it is essential to ensure your brakes’ proper functioning by limiting their wear related to the storage of dirt and impurities that will clog the mechanical parts. 

This article shares the brake cleaner’s role, how to use it, the reasons for using it, and its selling price! 

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What are brake cleaners used for? 

Available in an aerosol or canister version, the brake cleaner can clean the brake system’s major parts without damaging them. As these are parts that heat very quickly, especially brake pads, it is essential to rid them of their impurities to maximize their performance. 

It is a natural degreaser for cleaning brake components such as calipers. It is advisable to avoid spraying the product directly onto the brake pads, which may damage the materials that constitute them. 

To use brake cleaner correctly, must therefore take the following steps: 

· Disassemble the wheels and remove the pads by loosening the caliper; · Spray your cleaner on the brake disc and the caliper; 

· Leave on for a few minutes then clean with a microfiber cloth; 

· Reassemble all the components removed to perform the maneuver. 

This operation can also be carried out by a professional in a workshop within a garage. If you are not comfortable with auto mechanics, this allows you to entrust this task to an experienced person. 

Start pilot or brake cleaners: what to choose? 

The start pilot does not have the same function as the brake cleaner. Indeed, it improves the combustibility of the air and fuel mixture within the combustion chambers of your engine. It is sprayed at the air filter inlet and will help the car when it has starting problems. 

Thus, it can be used equally well on cars with gasoline or diesel engines. It’s not subject to usage restrictions; you can use it whenever you want but don’t overdo it. Indeed, as it is a dry product, it may deteriorate the tail’s valve if they are not sufficiently lubricated.

As you will understand, the start pilot is used to start problems, while the brake cleaner helps maximize your braking performance. Also, the start pilot is a more expensive product than the brake cleaner. 

Why use brake cleaners? 

Using brake cleaner is essential to ensure good health to your brake system. The dirt and impurities that clog your brake pads will deteriorate them over time. It is very important to use a dedicated brake cleaner and not use a substitute at the risk of damaging the mechanical parts. Particularly, you can apply brake cleaner when you are in the following situation: 

1. The brakes lock up: braking is increasingly difficult to implement; 

2. The braking distance is longer: as the braking is less fluid, this distance can lengthen considerably; 

3. The brake warning light comes on: only the most recent vehicles are fitted with it, it informs about one or more anomalies related to the braking system; 

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4. The brake pedal will vibrate or soften: when you press it, it produces vibrations or is soft as if it were inoperative; 

5. A loss of handling: the vehicle no longer follows its path when you press the brake pedal. 


If any of these situations occur, your brakes will need to be checked by a mechanic at a garage. Either he will change one of the parts, or he will apply the brake cleaner to clean the entire braking system and make it more fluid. 

Brake cleaners is essential equipment to clean your brakes and maximize their performance to ensure optimum safety for your car. Use it sparingly to have better durability, especially in terms of your brake pads.

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