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How Translation Services Helps To Grow E-Commerce Industry

Business is actively going online because entrepreneurs understand that such a direction of commerce provides broad audience coverage and potential buyers. A significant number of people on the planet use home and mobile Internet, which means it becomes easier to convey your proposal to them. The time is coming for e-commerce, one of the growth areas for language translation services in the 21st century.

What is E-Commerce?

E-commerce refers to a list of commercial transactions carried out on the Internet. Every year, this type of commercial relationship takes an increasing market share, constantly increasing the volume of goods sold and connecting new areas and spheres of activity. By e-commerce, we can book and implement orders, transactions through banking services or electronic money systems.

Why choose e-commerce?

Today, with over 80% of people using the Internet to find information, products, services, movies, connections, and shopping, it is crucial that your website content is translated into the local languages ​​of the countries you want to target. The main benefits of website translation are to increase your competitiveness, increase website traffic, increase conversions, and help your business take advantage of the rapidly growing global marketplace.

So, a translation services company can help you if you trade all over the world. This will enable you to reach the global market beyond your expectations for a wider audience, increased sales, and huge profits. Services will elevate your business to actual international heights.

Benefits of Translated Online Commerce

If there are any disadvantages of e-commerce, they are easily compensated by its apparent advantages. Moreover, the positive aspects  online relate to each of the parties in the relationship:

  • Comparison capability. To choose the most beneficial offer, you do not need to go around a large number of stores – you need to use aggregator sites available in your native language or personally compare products in several online stores;
  • Discounts and promotions. Many companies often offer a product at discounted prices when shopping online in your language, as opposed to, say, English. This is due to the high competition in e-commerce and the struggle for each client;
  • Big choice. On the Internet, you can find any product or service of interest, ordering it even from another continent;
  • Possibility of fast delivery. Delivery services are also participants in e-commerce, offering their services on the Internet in the audience’s language, expect a prompt delivery of goods that will be processed faster.

How is e-commerce developing in the world using translation services?

With the growth of digitalization and the massive transition to online, e-commerce has become a driver of critical changes in the global economy. Today, China (Alibaba, JD.com) is the absolute leader in online commerce. According to forecasts, in 2022, the e-commerce segment there for the first time in the world will exceed half of the total retail sales market. South Korea follows it with 28.9%, the USA with 15%, and Western Europe with 13%. Last year, the volume of online sales in China amounted to $ 2.5 trillion; in 2022, it is forecasted to be almost $ 3.1 trillion.

For comparison, in the US (Amazon, eBay), the e-commerce market in 2020, according to eMarketer, was $ 709.8 billion; it grew to $ 765 billion in 2021 and will exceed $ 1 trillion by 2024. Almost half (45%) of all e-commerce accounts for sales through user-friendly apps in popular languages.

What do you need to know about translation companies?

Before using translation services, you should make sure that you know exactly your needs. It would be best if you start by doing market research. You should make a list of the countries you want to target. For example, if you want to target China and France, you need to translate your ecommerce site’s content into Chinese and French. If you are looking for target countries, you need to check what languages ​​are spoken in those countries. You must translate all web pages to provide all the information visitors are looking for.

The services of top-notch translation companies are the time when your potential visitors will only stay on your website when the content is engaging and available in an understandable, readable language. The time when the content should be in a specific language that you are targeting. The time when you need to expand your e-commerce services to reach millions of visitors around the world.

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