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Know Here How Yoga Helps Improve Your Respiratory Health

Read everything about “Know Here How Yoga Helps Improve Your Respiratory Health” below. The respiratory system is the most important part of your body as it provides your body and brain with fresh oxygen. Your respiratory system includes nose, mouth, lungs, sinuses, and other passages that transport oxygen throughout your body via the blood. Even the slightest delay in delivery of oxygen to respiratory system can send you straight to the ER. Yoga experts recommend you try yoga breathing exercises for beginners to keep your respiratory system healthy.

Yoga has been a part of numerous cultures and religions for more than 5000 years. The numerous asanas and other techniques help maintain your physical and mental health. All you need is to find the right yoga school and teacher who has complete knowledge of yoga, in theory and practical.

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That said, yoga experts have come up with some easy-to-do yoga breathing exercises to keep your respiratory system functioning without any problems.

Yoga Breathing Exercises For Better Respiratory Function

Given below are four powerful yoga breathing exercises which you should include in your daily routine.

1. Shitkali Kumbhaka

  • Fold your tongue lengthwise and inhale deeply through the fold.
  • Close your mouth. Hold your breath to a count of eight.
  • Exhale through your nose.
  • Do this eight times for a maximum duration of eight minutes.

A major benefit of this yoga for starters breathing exercise is it reduces the heat in your head, neck, and upper digestive tract.

2. Nadi Shodhana

  • Inhale deeply through your left nostril. Keep your right nostril closed with your right thumb.
  • Change nostrils and inhale smoothly through your right nostril.
  • Exhale fully. Inhale through the right nostril and close it at the peak of inhalation.
  • Lift your fingers off the left nostril and exhale fully.
  • Keep alternating nostrils for 3 to 5 minutes.

This is the best yoga breathing exercise to be calm whenever you are a bit anxious or agitated.

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3. Bhastrika

  • Close your right nostril. Take 20 rapid inhales through the left nostril.
  • Do the same with the right nostril. Keep the left nostril closed.
  • Take 20 bellow breaths with both nostrils.

Under any circumstances, do not try this yoga breathing exercise without the supervision of an experienced yoga instructor or teacher.

4. Active Yogic Breathing

  • Take in long and deep breaths through the nose when you are taking a walk.
  • Try extending your inhale and exhale as you walk.
  • Keep count of  the number of steps with each inhale and exhale.

This is the best yoga for seniors breathing exercise which provides your body and mind a calming effect along with an active lifestyle.

You might wonder how exactly do these breathing exercises work? Yoga experts have the answer.

How Yoga Breathing Works?

When you slow down the breathing and try to control its rate, you develop a direct connection with the central nervous system. Moreover, you also activate the cerebral cortex when you practice conscious breathing and send inhibitory impulses from the cerebral cortex to your hypothalamus.

A major function of the hypothalamus is to control the endocrine and central nervous system to keep your body in a state of homeostasis.

With that said, let us discover how deep yoga breathing helps your body and mind.

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1. Improves Energy Levels

The breath is the source of all life. Without proper breathing, you would die within a few minutes.  Deep yogic breathing improves the rate of oxygen transportation in your body and expels carbon dioxide from your body. Oxygen is directly related to how your body generates energy. 

Hence, the more oxygen your body has, the easier it will be for the body to produce more energy and keep you rejuvenated throughout the day.

2. Improved Mental Clarity & Awareness

The more aware you are of your breath, the more you remain in the present moment. Conscious breathing helps you remain focused in the now and focus on what actually matters. Moreover, an improved sense of awareness also improves your mental clarity which helps you deal with hard times with a cool mind. 

In other words, you become less reactive towards everyday situations and challenges by simply inculcating the  yoga breathing exercises for beginners exercises.

3. Minimizes Risk Of Chronic Diseases

Do you know that breathing also minimizes your body’s stress levels? The less stress you have, the less would be the cortisol levels. In short, deep yoga breathing also minimizes your stress levels thereby keeping you safe from numerous chronic health problems like stroke, and even cancer.

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Want to enjoy a life with less stress? Enroll in a certified yoga school and learn these yoga breathing exercises for beginners to enjoy good health. You can also download a breathing exercise app that will provide you with powerful ways to alleviate stress and anxiety, fall asleep faster, energize yourself, or improve endurance. See this website to learn more about this app.

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