Huawei Watch Fit Review

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Huawei Watch Fit, the most recent wearable, is mostly a fitness tracker with several smartwatch features.

This review will look at how this Huawei Watch Fit actually fits into the increasingly crowded market of wearables and whether consumers should opt for a hybrid device rather than opting for a genuine smartwatch or purchasing a fitness tracker. This is one of the Best Smartwatches under 10000.

Display and design

It’s hard not to notice the look that is The Huawei Watch Fit. It’s a mix of smartwatches and fitness trackers with a 1.64-inch AMOLED portrait-orientation display. It is very comfortable and is not sweaty to wear with its standard silicone strap. There’s a button to the right of the 46mm frame that wakes the display or opens an option menu. The watch’s back is constructed of plastic which houses optical sensors as well as two contact pins made of metal for the charging system that the watch uses.

This AMOLED display is extremely crisp and clear, however, it is not particularly bright, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. It does make use of the watch’s faces that come with it the device — with more than six available from the beginning and some that are customizable and many more to download. It has an all-day display that keeps the time and other information displayed on the screen 24/7 but at a significant cost on battery power. The display is not equipped with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass protection at this price. The good news is that it is worth noting that the Watch Fit is water-resistant to 5ATM which means that the watch will function as intended even if you go to the swimming pool.

Fit tracking and smart features

The Huawei Watch Fit is powered by LiteOS which is a customized operating system designed to work with the rectangular display. It’s fast and clean, however, it lacks “smart” features. To start with there’s no app that is a third party, something you’d find with other watches like the Apple Watch or Samsung Watch 4. If you are a fan of apps like Strava or Spotify, you’ll find that the Huawei Watch Fit isn’t the right choice for you. While you can control the music on your smartphone, however, there’s no way to get it to the watch despite the fact that it has 4GB of internal storage. Another thing that puzzled me was the absence of the capability to manage Bluetooth headphones. The watch isn’t fitted with the ability to connect wirelessly, nor speakers. It’s a simple watch. Huawei Watch Fit displays notifications of your mobile apps whether it’s Gmail or WhatsApp however, you are unable to respond to a message. I can look at the contents of a WhatsApp message, but there’s no way to reply. This bizarre way of viewing notifications, but not responding to them is completely absurd in the actual world. Also Read, How to Cook Mappillai Samba Rice?

LiteOS is intended to be basic. The emphasis is on simple tasks such as setting alarms, monitoring the weather, assessing the oxygen level of your blood, levels of stress, looking over your workout routine with a torch, and so on. On the other hand it is Huawei Watch Fit is compatible with both Android and iOS. Huawei Watch Fit works with both Android and iOS through BT5.0/Bluetooth LE.

The Huawei Watch Fit is essentially an exercise tracker that is housed inside the watch’s body. The basic elements such as calories and steps are covered. However, you can also check your heart rate and blood oxygen levels. The heart rate can be monitored at any time using the home screen, but I’m not certain of the accuracy of this feature. There have been instances when I have noticed an error in the heart rate data determined using Apple Watch and the Huawei Watch Fit and Apple Watch. However, neither of the two devices is a medical device. Watch Fit Watch Fit also has the capability of taking blood oxygen level monitoring, giving you data on the oxygen levels in your blood. The other tracking option is also accurate, with the Watch Fit being able to track sleep on its own. Sleep tracking is particularly amazing, with results closely matching those of Apple Watch. Apple Watch.  

The watch monitors 96 different activities that range from running to rowing and swimming. The Huawei Fit watch Fit comes with an integrated GPS which can be a huge benefit for runners. In terms of the app it’s simple and clean, with nothing to complain about. You can modify all settings in the app such as steps, goals for settings, notifications for alerts with high heart rates as well as other settings.


The battery life is one aspect in which Huawei’s Watch Fit can be more appreciated over Apple Watch. Apple Watch. Huawei claims that it will last for 10 to 15 days without charging with sleeping tracking at night and the Always-on display turned off. The results are quite accurate to me. It’s also a reminder of the way Huawei can provide longer battery life while reducing the price of many features you can find on top smartwatches such as the Samsung Watch, the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch 4.

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